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Horoscope Today, December 7, 2021: Check Out Daily Astrological Prediction for Aries, Taurus, Libra, Sagittarius And Other Zodiac Signs

Horoscope Today, December 7, 2021: From Aries to Pisces, Know How Your Day Will Turn Out Today. (Image: Shutterstock)

Horoscope Today, December 7, 2021: From Aries to Pisces, Know How Your Day Will Turn Out Today. (Image: Shutterstock)

Horoscope Today, December 7, 2021: Aries will learn something new about their self-growth journey, while Capricorns will fight the self-doubting thoughts.

This Tuesday, several signs will find themselves reeling with the after-effects of last week’s solar eclipse. The dust is still settling, so practice patience and or you will only end up frustrated if you expect the conflict this eclipse stirred up, or the questions it raised, to be resolved already. Libras may have to draw the boundaries to protect their sanity, while Leos will have to refuse to help. Aries will learn something new about their self-growth journey, while Capricorns will fight the self-doubting thoughts.

Check out what your horoscope says:


Not everything is lost, Aries


You may be feeling as though you have wasted your good years and everything happy only exists in the past. However, you will soon realise the world is showing you that’s not the case. Light and magic and sheer wild fun are on their way toward you. You have to continue to believe in your vision and the universe will bring all the good times back. Your luck will shine around bright colours, like Sangria this Tuesday. Planet Mars rules your sign, numbers 1, 8 and letters A,L,E will be your guide.


Taurus must allow people to help them

At times of stress and tough times you may wish to retreat to the confines of your personal life, where you can deal with your issues alone, in your own way. However, today it is advised that you do not remove yourself from social life entirely. The people around you may contribute to your stress, but they also have many good things to offer like knowledge, skills, and moments of joy. They will make your life better today, if you let them. Planet Venus is the ruler of your zodiac sign, hence wear subtle colours like pastel blue for luck. You will be guided by numbers 2 and 7, and letters B, V, U this Tuesday.


Go at you own pace, Gemini

You may encounter a change of situation this Tuesday which may compel you to match the energy of those around you. However, you must remember that it is alright to not always match your surroundings. Do not succumb to the pressure of changing at the exact same pace as the people you love. Listen to your own interests and let your enthusiasm guide you, even if no one else seems to understand them just now. Colours like deep purple will be good for you as planet Mercury rules your zodiac sign. Letters K, C and G, and numbers 3, 6 will be lucky for you this Tuesday.


Allow yourself to speak up, Cancer

It is no secret that you are a good listener, you have the talent of asking the right questions and extracting exactly what it is that you need to know. However, do not let this talent become a stereotype for you. This Tuesday you should allow yourself to talk and share your own information. Moon is your ruling planet hence, wear a salmon shade colour this Tuesday for luck. Alphabets like H, D, and number 4 will bring you all the guidance you need.


Leo should learn to refuse

You love to support your friends and those you care about. However, often this love for doing good to others creates a pressure for you to always be available for them. This Tuesday, you will have to conserve your energy for your well-being. Say no to those who might be just using your talents for their own good. Your lucky colour this Tuesday will be golden, as Sun rules your sign, while alphabets M, T and number 5 will support you in your endeavours.


Keep holding on, Virgo

For quite some time you may have been feeling as though you are stuck in one place. The feeling of making no progress even after all your efforts may have left you in a frustrated state. This Tuesday though, you will receive a sign acknowledging your hard work. Take this sign as an affirmation and continue your efforts, for you are on the right path. Your lucky colour for this Tuesday is shell coral as planet Mercury rules your zodiac sign. Focus on numbers 3,8, and letters P,T, and N for luck.


Speak up for yourself, Libra

You have been kind enough when it comes to letting those around you invade your personal boundaries. However, by maintaining this kindness and understanding for others you have let people take advantage of you. Today you will have to speak up for yourself. Do not allow others to take you for granted just because they are going through tough times. Your zodiac sign is ruled by planet Venus, hence wear mangano calcite colour and choose numbers 2,7 and letters R,T for support in your upcoming endeavours.


Scorpio, lose the control-freak in you

You are not the one who leaves things to chance and somebody else’s generosity. The goals that you have set and have achieved were the results of your hard work and attention to detail. However, today you must remember that sometimes things can also go better than expected if you let them take their course on their own. Your zodiac sign is ruled by planet Mars which is in transit, hence wearing the colour crimson will be lucky for you. Numbers 1, 8, and the letters N and Y will bring you support.


Sagittarius must appreciate their journey

Today you may reap the rewards of your hard work. Escape from the impression that you are just repeating the same lessons or working out the same emotions over and over again. Today you may actually get a sense of resolution, of having finally worked your way through some of the challenges you have been struggling with. Your zodiac sign is ruled by planet Jupiter hence your lucky colour this Tuesday is jade green. For Tuesday letters B, D, and P, and numbers 9, 12, will bring you luck.


Do not pay attention to self-doubt, Capricorn

Your friends and admirers may be in for a surprise when they see how your confidence can fade in solitude. This Tuesday you may find yourself stuck in a cloud of self-doubt which may have its grip on your self-esteem. However, keep telling yourself how strong-willed and wiser you are and can emerge victorious from this tempest. Your lucky colour for the day is cinnamon brown as planet Saturn rules your zodiac sign, while numbers 10, 11, and letters K, J will bring you fortune.


Be gentle, Aquarius

Your past personal experiences may make it valid enough for you to develop thick skin and be avoidant when it comes to softness. However, you can still embrace your tender feelings and wear them on your sleeves and protect your heart at the same time. This Tuesday. give yourself a break and flaunt your gentleness, with others, but with yourself most of all. Choose the colour cinnamon red since Saturn rules your zodiac sign. Numbers 10, 11, and letters G and S will bring you luck this Tuesday.


Stick to the plan

You may find yourself in the middle of several opportunities, but to emerge successfully you can only take one path at a time. You should not change your course at this point in time and see this as a sign that you are still a work in progress. You do not have to plan the entire future, so take it as it comes and choose an option that gives you space to thrive. Your zodiac sign Pisces, is ruled by planet Neptune and the colour honeysuckle pink will suit you. Go for numbers 9, 12, and letters D, C, J, and T will be your guide on Tuesday.

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first published:December 07, 2021, 06:00 IST