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1984 Maruti 800 Restored and Modified to Look Like a Modern Car: Watch Video

India's first Maruti 800. (Image source: YouTube/<a href="">Turbo Xtreme</a>)

India's first Maruti 800. (Image source: YouTube/Turbo Xtreme)

The keys of the first Maruti 800 were handed over to Harpal Singh in 1984 by then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi.

The Maruti 800 is one of the most renowned cars in the Indian classic car culture. Nearly a year ago, we reported that the country's first Maruti 800 that was bought by Harpal Singh was undergoing a resto-modification to breathe some life into it. And now it is here. The car covered in bright red paint ticks all boxes in terms of look. Every inch of the car expect for a few vital elements have been switched for modern additions that make it completely alive. The car gets LED headlamps and taillamp units. The stock 12-inch wheels have been switched with 13-inch alloy wheels as well.

Mechanically, the car has retained the stock engine but comes with MP-Fi instead of a carburettor. The car also gets power steering and power brakes. On the inside, the car comes with a brand new cockpit that is dominated by the new carbon fibre dash. It gets a renewed instrument cluster that comes with red backlight. Unlike its stock iteration, the new Maruti 800 comes with a tachometer too. The addition of fuel injection has made the car more refined, but more tuning is required, according to the video.

Owned by Harpal Singh, the white coloured hatchback was the first Maruti 800 to the roll-out of the production line of the largest car manufacturer in India.

Launched under the collaboration of Indian Government’s Maruti Udyog Ltd. and Japanese Suzuki Motor Corp, the 800 went onto become a massive success, making Maruti Suzuki the household name in India. However, this particular unit remained a legend for long, before ending up in the streets of Delhi, after Harpal Singh’s death.

The Maruti 800 was powered by a 796cc, 3 cylinder F8D petrol engine producing 35 Bhp on the first generation 800. It was later raised to 45 Bhp on the 5-speed MPFI model. The present Alto 800 uses the same reworked version of the F8D engine producing 47 Bhp and 69 Nm.