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2020 Dassault Systemes 3DExperience World: A Peek into the Future of Automobiles

A photo of the Dassault Systemes 3DExperience World 2020 banner taken in Nashville, Tennessee. (Photo: Manav Sinha/

A photo of the Dassault Systemes 3DExperience World 2020 banner taken in Nashville, Tennessee. (Photo: Manav Sinha/

The automotive industry is going through a transformation in almost every aspect. While no one can accurately predict how the future is going to be, we did get a glimpse of an idea of where it is headed at the Dassault Systemes 3DExperience World 2020.

The Indian automotive market is one of the biggest in the world in terms of the sheer number of vehicles on roads. However, it has long been called as the automotive market with the biggest scope for expansion. Add to that the combination of just how capable Indian engineers are and it’s no surprise why it might just be the country with one of the most impactful influences on how the industry works globally. Similarily, Dassault Systemes has a major impact on all the vehicles you see on roads, be it in India or across the world.

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Dassault Systemes is one of the world’s biggest software companies and it is involved in pretty much every industry that you can think of. That’s because at the core of everything, is designing. And if you want to get your hands on one of the best designing software out there, then you would end up picking something that would be owned by the parent company Dassault Systemes.

At the core of it is the SolidWorks program. And every year, for the past couple of decades, Dassault Systemes has been calling the brightest minds in the world to one place as part of their event, which from this year, is called the 3DExperience World.

Only at 3DExperience would you have a man wearing a Halo suit walk up to the stage. (Photo: Manav Sinha/

This year it took place in Nashville, Tennessee where over 6,000 people showed up, including engineers, designers, entrepreneurs, business leaders and everyone in between. That’s not it, there were about 350 technical sessions, 100 partners, customer stories, a hackathon and a huge dedicated area where everyone showcases their latest inventions and makes for a place where people from across the world can catch up on what’s new being developed across different fields.

And it really hits you the moment the event kicks off. Wherever you see, chances are that you would find people hooked up to a virtual reality headset experiencing the latest software and the new-found application methods of this technology. I tried it too and found myself in the middle of a huge and vacant production floor of some plant designing and laying out, rather inefficiently, all sorts of machines that are required to produce a vehicle. The idea was to be able to plan the space management and even change the machines, conveyor belts, design new 3D models of machines, and so on, virtually. Without investing in anything or even without moving from where I was standing. Now that was just one experience, imagine the variety of experiences one can have throughout the day.

It's not real, it's 3D-printed. (Photo: Manav Sinha/

It’s not all virtual either as there was plenty of interesting, physical stuff on display as well, meant to showcase the capabilities of their 3D printers and designing software and pushing the boundaries of imagination as to what you can do with all this technology.

A 3D-printed, air-less and fully functioning tyre made using plastic. (Photo: Manav Sinha/

And at the core of everything, as I mentioned before, is the SolidWorks software. And it’s not just any software either, it is a platform which lets you develop things better, safer, with lesser investment, lesser trial and error and even importantly, faster using this SoildWorks – and all of it is connected. Connected to the internet and the community of like-minded designers who are working on the same stuff as you and everyone end up benefitting from each other’s work.

A 3D-printed helmet, because why not? (Photo: Manav Sinha/

Best explained with an example, even though it massively underplays the capability of the software. Say you, as a person working on a design in your garage or a multi-national firm, is working on chassis design. Now you’ve done your fair bit, but the platform realises that maybe your design could use a better connection joint in your chassis. This, it decides based on the understanding of different chassis models that are being designed on it worldwide and using artificial intelligence, it simply asks you to try it in the form of a pop-up next to your 3D model.

Well, it’s all virtual so you give it a go, with the click of a button your chassis design is updated with the latest piece of AI-assisted design it could get. You try it virtually too, see how it fares against different testing parameters. And all of it goes on until you reach the final and the most efficient chassis design that you could have made. But that’s not it, the platform also lets you share it on its social media-like page where others can share, comment, and even use your design or design’s part, in their design.

The SolidWorks platform can make you do things better and faster. (Photo: Manav Sinha/

This makes the process way faster and efficient than ever before and we will have to see how big of a role this plays in the coming future. Speaking of the future, we also got a chance to speak with Bernard Charles, CEO, Dassault Systemes and Gian Paolo Bassi, CEO, SolidWorks, Dassault Systemes and found out how big of a role does India play in their global plans and also, what lies ahead in the future of the automotive industry. Make sure you watch it in the video above.

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