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2021 TVS Apache RR 310 First Ride Review: More Performance, Now Built to Order

The 2021 TVS Apache RR 310 not only looks faster, but if configured properly, can go faster too. (Photo: Manav Sinha/News18.com)

The 2021 TVS Apache RR 310 not only looks faster, but if configured properly, can go faster too. (Photo: Manav Sinha/News18.com)

The 2021 TVS Apache RR 310 was already a great beginner motorcycle for those wanting performance, and now, it has become a great recommendation for experts too.

Ever since the TVS Apache RR 310 all the way back in 2017, TVS Motor Company has kept itself busy. Year after year, they have been coming out with exciting updates for the motorcycle including the likes of the addition of a slipper clutch, fully digital instrument cluster, riding modes, so and so forth – you get the idea. Now, for the year 2021, we have an updated TVS Apache RR 310 yet again. As it is almost ritual now, we tested the new RR 310 at its proving grounds at Madras Motor Racetrack and here’s everything you need to know about it.



The first thing that you need to know is that now the TVS Apache has what the company calls “Kits” that lets you pick and choose the kind of updates you want on your bike. But before we get there, let’s talk about the standard changes for 2021. The motorcycle now has the ability to store and showcase your official vehicle and license documentation through the digital instrument cluster. Also, the exhaust has been rerouted and is now positioned a bit higher to make for better clearance and also has a raspier exhaust note. The base price of the motorcycle has gone up by Rs 5,000 and it now costs Rs 2.60 lakh (ex-showroom).

And now, let’s talk about the kits.

First, is the Dynamic kit under which you get a fully adjustable suspension. The front upside-down forks can be adjusted for rebound, compression and preload, and the rear mono-shock can be adjusted for rebound and preload as well. You will also get an anti-rust brass-coated drive chain as part of this kit. This kit costs Rs 12,000.

The second kit is called as Race kit which gives you a more aggressive handlebar that is slightly inward and downward for a sportier riding position. The footpegs are placed 30mm higher and are knurled as well, giving you a better grip and a big increase in the maximum lean angle which will now be 4.5 degrees higher. This kit costs Rs 5,000.

The inclusion of these kits is part of TVS’s Built-to-Order program or BTO in short, under which they will produce the motorcycle based on the custom order from the customer and deliver the custom motorcycle in 30 to 60 days. Other than these two kits, you can also opt for the Race Replica graphics which cost an additional Rs 4,500 and lastly, you can opt for a red alloy wheel instead of the standard black one and this option will cost Rs 1,500.

And yes, you can mix and match, and choose any of the following kits or styling based on your preference.

2021 TVS Apache RR 310. (Photo: News18.com)

Now when you put both of these kits together what you get is a motorcycle like the one you see in the video. This has both of those kits and what that really does is that it transforms the motorcycle to a whole different level. Now I have tested different versions of this motorcycle at this very race track and what I have complained about over all these years is the fact that the footpegs always came in the way of the massive performance that the motorcycle had to offer. Now with the racier handlebar and the raised footpegs, we can really push this motorcycle to its limits.

And that limit is higher than ever. We tested the bike’s performance which had all of the customization options but with the stock suspension settings and honestly, that was a familiar affair, not a drastic change. But then we adjusted the suspension settings for the race track and boy did that turn up things to 11!

Once dialled in, every single change that these customization options bring to the table becomes immediately noticeable and the motorcycle feels not only faster, as it should be, but also a lot more confidence-inspiring than it ever has. And these changes can be handy in other situations too.

Now one of the things that I really like about the 2021 TVS Apache RR 310 is the fact that you can adjust the front suspension’s preload settings through the motorcycle’s key. Now, to understand the importance of this feature, imagine you are out on a long-distance tour and you realise that the next 100-150 km stretch is of bad roads and you want a different suspension setting for that – so you just take out your key and make the adjustments as per your requirement. Now, once you are past that stretch, you can change these things again and you will have a motorcycle better suited for the roads ahead. So, a really nice feature this.

2021 TVS Apache RR 310. (Photo: News18.com)

When dialled-in, the new Apache really felt complete and if I were to buy the Apache along with these kits, I don’t think I will really need to make any other changes for a spirited riding experience be it on fast roads or at the race track. And while yes there is a learning curve and you will reach the optimum experience after some tweaking around, once you do, I will stick my neck out and say that the RR 310 is all the sports bike you really need and it frankly will even be better than buying bigger, more expensive superbikes – that’s how impressive it has now become.

So it’s time to sum it all up and I have to say that the new Apache RR 310 is, of course, a really good product and of course, it is better than before. But what I really want to talk about is the fact that you get to tinker around with the suspension settings of the motorcycle and that is a fantastic learning curve, just trust me on that. And you don’t have to spend big bucks on fast, multi-cylinder motorcycles to wrap your head around how suspension works. And once you get around that learning curve, once you reach that place where you understand how suspension works, you’ll unlock so much performance and so much capability of the new RR 310. And that will really help you appreciate the subtle changes that the motorcycle has got as well. So in my books, this is a big thumbs up.

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first published:September 02, 2021, 14:48 IST