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All-Electric Volvo EX90 SUV Teased, Official Debut on November 9 in Stockholm

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Last Updated: November 07, 2022, 15:27 IST


All-Electric Volvo EX90 (Photo: Volvo)

All-Electric Volvo EX90 (Photo: Volvo)

The all-electric Volvo EX90 SUV will debut lidar as standard safety feature which can detect pedestrians up to 250 metres away

A sneak peek of Volvo’s upcoming flagship electric SUV, EX90, which will be unveiled on November 9, has been released. Over the past few weeks, the manufacturer has teased the model while showcasing the features and technology that would be included with the SUV. Ahead of the official debut, Volvo teased the exterior design and provided some insight into the aesthetics of the EV.

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The Swedish automaker seems to have prioritised efficiency by focusing on lowering drag and reducing wind resistance of the EX90. While the company hasn’t yet provided specifics, the seven-seat SUV is likely to feature a 0.29 drag coefficient to help maximise its driving range. The close-up teaser shots show flush door handles and a rounded front end, which are how Volvo gets the low drag coefficient (cd). The EX90 takes styling cues from a yacht to achieve a sleek look.

All-Electric Volvo EX90 (Photo: Volvo)

Volvo has also stated that the roof-integrated LiDAR system will come as standard in the Volvo EX90. At the front of the roof, it is located immediately over the windshield. Lidar is a remote sensing system that uses a pulsed laser to precisely measure ranges, and it can detect, for example, pedestrians up to 250 metres away. The company has compared grille-mounted systems to having eyes at knee height and intended to position the system as high on the vehicle as possible to give it the best field of view. Volvo asserts that the use of LiDAR can reduce serious accidents by up to 20 percent while improving overall collision avoidance by 9 percent.

Eight cameras, five radars, and 16 ultrasonic sensors will be used by the EX90 to monitor the area around the car. Volvo’s interior cameras and sensors will be trained on the driver as well as the passengers, and it will employ radar to detect sleeping children and animals left inside the SUV and inform the driver when necessary.

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