Bihar Man Turns Tata Nano Into a Helicopter After Failing to Become a Pilot

Bihar Man Turns Tata Nano Into a Helicopter After Failing to Become a Pilot

A man from Chhapra village in Bihar has modified his Tata Nano into a helicopter and even gone on to give it helicopter-like interiors!

A man from Chhapra village in Bihar, who wished to become a pilot but was able to fulfil his dream, has converted his Tata Nano car into a helicopter. The man, Mithilesh Prasad, gave his car a helicopter look with rotor blade, a tail, a tail boom and a rotor mast.

Not just this, Prasad customised the interior of his car-turned-helicopter and even painted it to give a brand new look.

However, Prasad can just imagine flying a helicopter since the car-helicopter just rolls on the roads.



Prasad is not the first one to come up with such innovation to fulfil his dreams. When Zhu Yue, a garlic farmer from northeast China whose dream was to fly an airplane but could not be turned to fructify, he decided to build one instead. He made a full-scale replica of the Airbus A320 permanently taxied on a short piece of tarmac surrounded by wheat fields. Zhu Yue had invested his savings of more than 2.6 million yuan (USD 374,000) into the project.

In another incident, a popcorn seller in Pakistan whose dream of becoming an Air Force pilot was not fulfilled. In March this year, the popcorn seller, Mohammad Fayaz, was stopped by police from performing an unauthorised take-off and confiscated his homemade plane. He had spent Rs 90,000 (USD 636, Dh2,335) by taking a bank loan, selling a piece of his land and a few of his savings, to build the plane.

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