Car Care Tips: 5 Ways to Prevent Your Vehicle from Turning into a Furnace This Summer

Image used for representative purpose. (Photo: Reuters)

Image used for representative purpose. (Photo: Reuters)

Here are a few pointers you can keep in mind to make sure your AC is not crippled and you get the right amount of cooling at hand.

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  • Last Updated: May 5, 2019, 10:32 AM IST
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The agonizing summers are here. If you own a car, you are very well aware of the situation. It’s the onset of summers and the heat is already biting our heals. Mind you, the temperatures are only going to soar in the next couple of days. The air condition of your car assumes full responsibility to cool things down, but a lot of times this might not be the case. Hence, here are a few pointers you can keep in mind to make sure your AC is not crippled and you get the right amount of cooling at hand.

1. Shady Parking

The primary aim is to prevent your car from being an active greenhouse. Simply parking your car in the shade is the most effective way to regulate its temperature. Try looking for basement parking or any other cover that is away from direct exposure to sunlight. If nothing, you can also make do with a good old tree. The load on the air conditioner is significantly reduced when the temperature of the car is regulated beforehand. However, if you fail to find one, the next points might come in handy.

2. Windscreen Reflectors and Blinds

Due to their large surface area, the front and rear windshields are most vulnerable to the blazing heat. Hence, putting a sunshade or reflector can prevent excess heat from entering the car. However, if you really want to prevent your car from turning into a merciless furnace, make sure you put reflectors of the sunshade on all windows completely blocking the sunlight from entering the car.

3. Open Up!

For obvious reasons, you might want to steer clear of this idea if you park in a populated public place. However, in case of secure parking locations, you can have better cooling by leaving the windows a bit open. Your car essentially turns into a greenhouse if the heat that enters the car cannot escape. Hence, rolling down your windows a bit can let the heat escape keeping your car cooler.

4. Roll Down Windows before Turning on AC

Before you blast your AC to the max, make sure you roll down your windows and drive around a bit. This can help circulate fresh air and throw out the hot air from the cabin. Turning on the AC after a while reduces the load on it and helps it function better with faster cooling.

5. Service Your AC

It goes without saying that your car needs to be well-maintained at all times. And that includes your air conditioner too. In spite of taking care of the aforementioned steps, your car will still not cool properly if your air conditioner is dysfunctional. A thorough service ahead of summers can prove to be useful in helping it function without any hassle. You can expect the following from a typical AC servicing.

• Air vent temperature check.

• Replacement of AC gas.

• Replacement of AC filter.

• Adjustments of drive belts and pulleys.

• Operation of valves and thermostats.

• Leak tests of system and components.

• Cleaning the condenser fins.

• Sanitizing the system.

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