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Car Care Tips: How To Take Care of Your Vehicle This Summer?

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Image for representation.

During summers, vehicles need more repair than they do during any other season and so it’s important to pay a little extra attention to your car or bike during summer.

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Summers are here early and most of you will be planning for a road-trip to escape the scorching heat, especially the folks living in Delhi-NCR. Before you hit the road during your summer vacation, we want to bring you some automotive best practices for this upcoming season. During summers, vehicles need more repair than they do during any other season. So it’s important to pay a little extra attention to your car or bike during summer. A few tips to ensure your vehicle runs well are provided below.

Tyres need additional care during summer

It’s well known that the chances of a tyre blowout are higher during the summer than during other seasons. This is why it’s important to inspect tyre pressure and check whether a tyre is properly inflated. It’s also essential to check the physical condition of tyres after every ride during summer. If you notice uneven treads, bubbles etc. on your tyre, it’s best to have them changed before it blows-out.

Fluids should be changed every season

Whenever seasons change car fluids, including radiator coolant, engine oil, brake oil, should be changed. It’s highly recommended to check all the coolants in a vehicle before going on a ride, and if it’s already summer, it's best to change the coolant, engine oil etc. We have seen a large number of breakdown enquiry during summer compare to any other reason where customer report engine seize and over-heating of the engine which mainly happens due to poor fluid like engine oil and radiator liquid.

A well-functioning Air Conditioning is essential

A well functioning air conditioning system provides great relief during summer. As everyone who has been in a car during summer knows, there’s nothing worse than being stuck for hours in traffic without a functioning AC to keep you cool in the heat. It's important to have your A/C checked regularly so serious damage to AC systems like compressors can be prevented.

Care for wiper blades and belts

Tyres aren’t the only car part made of rubber; many parts in a car are made from rubber. Because rubber is relatively delicate, wiper blade and other belts made from rubber need some or a basic degree of attention before every long summer trip. If the blades are dry, they will cause cuts on the windshield when they’re used which will prove very costly. It’s also important to closely inspect and report on the status of belts to qualified professionals to prevent a breakdown

Carry an emergency kit

There’s no worse scenario than finding yourself stranded on the side of a road. During such times you’ll appreciate having packed an emergency kit. It’s recommended to keep a blanket to keep you comfortable during a cool summer night, emergency flares so others can see you on the shoulder, a jump starter, flashlight, and first aid supplies such as bandages and sunscreen etc.

Authored Article - Mahesh Shetkar, Head, Business Development and Strategy Planning, Doers

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