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CES 2020: BMW iNext SUV to have 5G Connectivity

BMW iNext SUV Concept. (Photo: AFP Relaxnews)

BMW iNext SUV Concept. (Photo: AFP Relaxnews)

By 2021, BMW will integrate 5G-connectivity into its vehicles, starting with the all-electric iNext SUV.

For BMW, CES 2020 was an opportunity to share its vision for future technology that will accompany the market's evolution towards electric powertrains and autonomous driving. In addition to the exhibits on display at the conference, the company revealed that the upcoming iNext luxury SUV will come equipped with integrated 5G applications, implementations that "will make the BMW Group the world's first premium carmaker to offer the new mobile technology in one of its models."

The iNext will be the first model from the brand to don this connectivity when it launches in 2021, with the others in different vehicle segments following soon after. Because the company will build 5G SIM cards into the cars, customers will be able to benefit from this tech even if their phone doesn't yet support it. According to the company, 5G connectivity is a necessary component to further develop autonomous technology and enable autonomous driving.

BMW's highly connected, fully electric iNext is expected to go into production next year.