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Citizens Film Delhi Cop Flouting Traffic Rules, Forces On-Duty Officers to Issue Challan - Watch Video

Image used for representation.

Image used for representation.

A police constable was recently accosted by citizens for having dark tinted windows and was forced into paying a fine due to lack of documentation for the vehicle.

The Motor Vehicle (Amendment) Act, 2019 which came into effect across India from September 1 this year has not been received well by people due to the surge in traffic fines. Challans are being issued and driving licences are being cancelled for people who are caught violating traffic norms. Citizens are not happy with the initiative and some incidents have been reported where people, out of rage, have stopped police officials travelling in cars and motorcycles without wearing seatbelt or helmet and recording and uploading videos of the same on social media. After the videos have gone viral, the cops, as well as few government officials, have been fined. In the latest, a video has surfaced from Delhi where a group of people confronted a traffic cop for having tinted windows on his Hyundai Accent.

The video that has gone viral on social media shows a lady capturing the video on her mobile phone. The video shows that the white Hyundai Accent with tinted windows allegedly belonging to a police officer is parked and people are asking another cop in uniform to issue challan. The police officer is seen denying that the car shown in the video belongs to him. However, the people congregated there keep on insisting that the vehicle belongs to the cop and he should pay the fine for violating rules. The other traffic policeman, who is being forced by the people to issue challan, is seen trying to calm the situation but the mob does not budge.

They went on to ask for the Registration Certificate, Insurance, Driving License and Pollution Under Control certificate from the cop who continues to deny that the car belongs to him. When the altercation did not seem to ease, other traffic police officers present at the spot ask the people to check the documents on the Point Of Service (POS) machine, which is used to issue the fines. This device can also fetch details from the official databases. People were still not content and continue to ask the cops to issue challan and impose fine.

The incident took place outside Tis Hazari court in Model Town. The video further shows other traffic police personnel reaching the location and trying to pacify the cops. However, in the end, the cops issue a fine to the police officer and show it to the agitated people present at the spot.

According to a report, Joint commissioner of police (traffic) Narendra Singh Bundela said the traffic constable has been identified as Vishal Dabas. He is currently posted at the Sabzi Mandi traffic circle. The police after an investigation found four violations – driving without insurance, defective number plate, driving without a PUC and having tinted windows. It is still not known whether the policeman in question was able to show the driving license to the people. The report further said that the car of the errant police officer has been seized and he has been given a court date where he will have to be present for the hearing.