Costing Less than an iPhone 11 Pro, Here’s the Unboxing of 'World’s Cheapest Car’ Made-in-China

The Changli. (Photo Courtesy: YouTube/Jalopnik)

The Changli. (Photo Courtesy: YouTube/Jalopnik)

At this price tag, you get an electric car which gets things like a digital instrument cluster, rear parking camera and a sunroof!

If we were to tell you that there is a car that costs less than Rs 70,000 then chances are that you would come up with some sort of an expectation about how that would be like. But if the experience of actually, physically, checking the car out is anything to go by, the car is actually not that bad. In a video posted on YouTube, the car called ‘Changli’ is being unboxed on a rather damp day. Yes, it comes in a box because the owner of the car ordered it from e-commerce website Alibaba and as per the video, the car cost $900. This is the equivalent of roughly Rs 70,000 after conversion and just the thought of being able to buy a car that costs less than an iPhone 11 Pro is quite frankly, insane to be honest.

And it’s not as if the car is built from plastic or anything as it is full metal and is spacious enough for at least three adults. It gets things like alloy wheels, body graphics, a sporty red colour and LED tail lights with LED projector headlamps and LED indicators too!



And the goodies do not stop there either. The car comes with things like a tiny boot space for luggage and the boot lid has a cut out in itself to mount the spare wheel which too is an alloy wheel. The Changli has big windows for good visibility, turn indicators, a proper steering wheel, a music system with dual speakers, a rear parking camera with parking sensors and an all-digital instrument cluster as well.

The exact price of the vehicle, as per Jalopnik, is $930 and $1200 with the battery pack included. And with the entire shipping process and having it delivered to the user’s home, the car ended up costing about $3000. And on top of that, this is an electric car! However, with an output of just 1.1 horsepower, it is not the fastest four-wheeled machine out there and by the looks of it, it does not look like it will fare very well in the event of a collision with a typical American truck. But nevertheless, for short trips around the neighbourhood and the fact that it costs just $930, the Changli is definitely exciting.

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