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Datsun redi-GO, Go and Go Plus Get Cash Discount and Exchange Offers of up to Rs 40,000

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Last Updated: October 24, 2020, 15:14 IST

2020 Datsun redi-GO. (Photo: Datsun India)

2020 Datsun redi-GO. (Photo: Datsun India)

The entire Datsun range of cars being offered in India are being offered with discounts and exchange offers.

In an attempt to get out of Covid-19 impacted sales slump, Datsun is luring potential buyers with benefits and offers on Redigo, Go, and the Go Plus. The benefits offered include options like early booking benefits, attractive cash discounts, exchange offers and corporate deals. The deals and discounts might differ depending on the location of purchase and the variants being bought. Therefore, it would be helpful if the customer sought out their local dealership to avail the best available offer in their vicinity. The exchange benefits can be accessed at only NIC enabled dealership (National Industrial Classification).

The Datsun Go (the most basic model can be upwards of Rs 4.5 Lakh) has the maximum benefit of up to Rs 40,000. It can be divided between Rs 20,000 cash discount and Rs 20,000 exchange benefit. The seven-seat variant, Go Plus (above Rs 4.2 Lakh), has benefits of Rs 35,000 with Rs 15,000 cash discount and Rs 20,000 exchange benefits.

The cheapest model in the pool, Datsun redi-GO (upwards of Rs 2.99 Lakh), can have benefits of up to Rs 34,500. The company is offering an early booking discount of Rs 7,500 for bookings done before October 25. Further, around Rs 7,000 cash discount and up to Rs 15,000 exchange benefit are also being offered. For “Pillars of India” and medical professional, there is an added corporate offer of Rs 5,000.

All of these attractive offers expire before the end of October and the early benefit is valid only till Sunday, as per a Carwale report.


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The Covid-19 pandemic has affected various industries across the board. With the world locked down, only those involved in the bare essentials needed to survive have been able to maintain sales. Travel and leisure industry has been most affected due to travel restrictions. While cars can be considered as a need, with a slumping economy, job cuts, and rising recession, vehicles sales have also gone down. The auto industry has hinted at needing a stimulus package from the government as well.

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