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DC Design Imagines Iconic HM Ambassador as an Electric Vehicle, Looks Eye-Catching

DC2 Ambassador. (Image source: DC2)

DC2 Ambassador. (Image source: DC2)

The car is still in its concept stage and will be a reality once DC2 gets enough positive response for it.

Like wine, there are a few monikers in the automotive industry that only ages well. Among the top of them is the Hindustan Motors Ambassador. Even after the car stopped making an appearance on the street in the past decade or so, it was and is widely used among government officials as their official vehicle.

In a word, premium. The Ambassador was a mark of success. And with time it has only grown more favourite to enthusiasts around the country. And now to push the benchmark further, DC Design (now DC2) has digitally rendered their vision of the car in the modern-day. The car that you see above is a digital render of a concept that DC2 plans to build in the near future. But there's a catch to which we will come later.

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Speaking of the changes, it needs to be addressed that in spite of a complete cosmetic overhaul, DC2's Ambassador carries the same silhouette as the original car. At the front, the new bigger grille is flanked by a pair of newly-designed LED headlamps. The car comes with two doors in its concept form and sits on a set of multi-spoke steel rims. There is also chrome strips on the window sills that give it a much premium appeal.

Now, speaking of the catch, DC2 has confirmed that the car can indeed enter production if it gets ample of positive response for it. However, if you are interested in one, the electric powertrain is set to price the car a bit on the premium side.

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