Delhi Police is Penalizing Cab Drivers for Not Carrying Condoms and Nobody Knows Why

Delhi Police is Penalizing Cab Drivers for Not Carrying Condoms and Nobody Knows Why

Delhi cab drivers say that while the police are unaware as to why it is necessary to carry a condom in the first-aid box, they end up being penalized for not carrying one.

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  • Last Updated: September 24, 2019, 8:44 AM IST
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Ever since the Amended Motor Vehicle Act has been notified, we are getting to see all kinds of challans being issued. However, as per some Delhi cab drivers, they are being penalized by the police for not carrying condoms in their first aid box. And while safe sex is a practice that should be talked about, the reasons as to why a condom could come in handy for these cab drivers goes beyond just that.

As per the drivers, it can come be useful in scenarios like a burst pressure pipe where the condom can stop the leakage in the car for some time. In case it rains, it can cover their shoes. It can also be tourniquet in case of an injury.


Interestingly, the Delhi Motor Vehicle Rules (1993) mandates that every “stage carriage” and “contract carriage” should carry a first aid box. The box should have sterilized finger dressing, hand or foot dressing, two large and three small burn dressings, a bottle of 2 per cent tincture iodine, sal volatile, body dressing (one extra-large), a medicine glass and an empty bottle fitted with a dropper for the eyes. There is no mention of a condom even in the guidelines of the Central Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989.

As per the cab drivers, on the other hand, they are penalized by the police in case they are not carrying a condom in their first aid kit. But if they ask the police the reason for which they should be carrying one, then they are met with a laugh as even the traffic police is unaware of the reasons that makes carrying a condom necessary.


So while there may be a bit of confusion around the entire matter, there are two key things that should be kept in mind. First, we are yet to see a challan being issued for not carrying a condom, and second, there can never be enough talk around the importance of safe sex and a condom. And given that its use inside a first aid kit of a cab goes beyond just that, even if it is not mandated by law, it is good to see the cab drivers having it in their car.

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