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Delhi Police to Fine Those Driving Without a Mask, Even if They are Alone in Car

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Last Updated: August 08, 2020, 18:10 IST

New Delhi

Representative image. (Photo: Reuters)

Representative image. (Photo: Reuters)

Car owners in Delhi, who are found driving with their handkerchiefs wrapped around their faces instead of wearing a mask, also face a risk of attracting a fine.

Vehicle owners in Delhi will now be penalised if they are caught not wearing a mask while driving their cars, even if the said driver is alone in the vehicle. This mandate comes as a part of updated rules which are being implemented by the Delhi Police in order to curb the spread of the Coronavirus. The rules have also been updated for two-wheeler owners as they will now be required to wear a mask under their helmet at all times while riding the vehicle, as per a report by Carandbike.

The report goes on to mention that this has been done keeping certain situations in mind where the drivers can be caught exposed without their mask, for example, if they need to roll down the windows and interact with someone or maybe ask for directions. Additionally, it has to be a proper mask which has to be worn and things like handkerchief wrapped around their face will not be counted as proper protection and could attract a fine.

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In states like those in Maharashtra and in Uttar Pradesh, police have been booking thousands of car owners if they are often found to be flouting Covid-19 restrictions, despite the strict guidelines.