Drunk Chinese Passenger Breaks Window of Plane Mid-Air, Flight Makes Emergency Landing

Drunk Passenger Breaks window. (Image source: The Sun)

Drunk Passenger Breaks window. (Image source: The Sun)

The authorities confirmed that Ms Li had consumed half-litre of Chinese grain alcohol called Baijiu before boarding the flight last month.

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A Loong Airlines domestic flight in China was forced to make an emergency landing last month after a woman in an inebriated state broke a window mid-flight. Reports suggest that the woman was upset over a failed relationship.

Authorities state that the 29-year-old Li “lost control of her emotions” on the flight on May 25. Photos of the incident showing Ms Li crying on the seat while repeatedly striking the glass window circulated on Chinese social medial platforms like Weibo. She managed to crack the first layer of the window by punching it.

The flight was destined to the coastal city of Yancheng in East China from Xining. However, due to the incident, the pilot was forced to make an emergency landing at Zhengzhou, the capital of the country’s Henan province.

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The Guardian reported that Ms Li had gone through a break-up recently, which led to the outburst on the plane. She was reported to have consumed half a litre of the Chinese grain alcohol known as ‘baijiu’, which has an alcohol volume of 35 to 60 per cent, before boarding the flight.

Fortunately, no one was hurt in the incident and the cabin crew managed to restrain Ms Li before the plane could land in Zhengzhou, where she was then detained by the police. On detention, her blood alcohol level was measure at 160mg/100ml.

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