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Electric Royal Enfield Classic 350 Reaches 83 Km/h - Watch Video

Image: Manav Sinha/

Image: Manav Sinha/

Hound Electric will offer the option to convert ICE-powered vehicles to electric via a bolt-on kit that customers can order online and get installed by a local mechanic.

Electric vehicles are expected to bring a revolution to the automobile industry across the world in the years to come. Most of the automobile manufacturers have started to introduce electric vehicles in the Indian market. Royal Enfield, which is one of the leading motorcycles manufacturers in the Indian market, is also working on electric motorbikes. Motorbike lovers will have to wait for a few more years for Royal Enfield to start selling the electric motorbike in Indian markets. Now, an Indian start-up, Hound Electric, has converted a regular Royal Enfield Classic 350 into an electric-powered motorcycle.

A video showing a Royal Enfield Classic 350, being converted into an electric motorbike has been shared on social media platforms by a user named Liju Vaidhyan. The video shows the person describing step by step on how the bike is being converted into an electric vehicle. The user also took Royal Enfield Classic 350 Electric on the roads, riding it at a speed of 83 kilometres per hour.

Hound Electric is a new brand that is currently focusing on the development and research of new electric powertrains. Hound Electric is testing the components that are being used on the Royal Enfield Classic 350 to convert it to an all-electric vehicle. Hound Electric will provide electric powertrain solutions in the future, the report said; adding that the start-up does not have any plans to manufacturer a full motorcycle.

The production cost and the high price of electric components will make electric vehicles 30 to 40 per cent more expensive than Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) powered counterparts available in the present, the report mentioned Hound Electric saying. The report said that once the kit is ready, it will be offered as a bolt-on kit and customers would be able to order it online or through other means and then get it installed at a local mechanic.

An electrician will be required for connecting the batteries and making it functional. The Royal Enfield Classic 350 electric motorbike is not set for production so far and therefore, it has not been tested by RTO (Regional Transport Office). According to the report, Liju said that it is not legal to convert an automobile into an electric vehicle and there is no rule in the CMRV so far on the same.

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