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Enjoy Christmas And New Year 2017 in This Tesla Model S Limousine

Tesla Model S Limousine. (Image: <a href=eBay)" title="Tesla Model S Limousine. (Image: eBay)" class="lazyload" />

Tesla Model S Limousine. (Image: eBay)

Someone has stretched the 2015 Tesla Model S into a limousine and is now selling it for $65000 on eBay.

Christmas and New Year are just around the corner and folks are looking to finish the 2017 on a ‘High’ note. This is perfect time to hire a chauffeur driven stretched limousine and party with your friends inside the big cabin of a limo. But what if that limo is no ordinary car, but a world famous environment friendly vehicle, that will surely turn all the heads on the streets.

Enough of beating around the bush. The car in talks here is a stretched Tesla Model S that has been listed on eBay by the owner of this modified car at a bid price of $65,100. As mentioned, this is not a single point retail price, but a bid price, which means buyers can place a higher bid to ensure that this Tesla is reserved for them. However, the bid is only open three days.

Tesla Model S
Tesla Model S Limousine. (Image: eBay)

As for the limo itself, the modification is done on a 2015 Tesla Model S and as per the owner, the limousine is ‘lightly used’. It’s the "world’s first Tesla Model S 85 limo," according to the seller, and has been driven for only 250 kilometers, making it virtually brand new.

The limo retains 85-kilowatt hour battery pack from the base version, which has a 380 horsepower (208 kilowatts) output with a 253 mile (407 kilometers) of range from the factory. However, the range is from the standard Model S which weights a hefty 4,597 pounds (2,085 kilograms). The stretching up activity must have added weight that will affect range and performance.

Also, a standard Model S retails for an approximate $88,000 price tag, which makes this limo a sweet deal. The seller says that the car is 90 percent finished, looks to be in good condition overall. The seller doesn’t have any images of the interior, unfortunately.

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