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FAQ | What is HSRP and Colored Coded Sticker, How to Book Them: All You Need to Know

Image used for representational purpose. (Photo: Manav Sinha/News18.com)

Image used for representational purpose. (Photo: Manav Sinha/News18.com)

Here's a FAQ explaining what is High Security Registration Plate and colour-coded sticker, why is it mandatory and how to get one?

The Delhi Transport Department recently issued an order to fine vehicles in Delhi plying without high-security registration plate (HSRP) and colour-coded sticker. The vehicles will be fined under the motor vehicle (MV) act and the HSRP and colour-coded sticker has been made mandatory on the orders from the Supreme Court. Currently, the fine is compoundable to Rs 5,500 and will be applicable in 11 districts of Delhi. Here’s a FAQ explaining what is HSRP, why is it mandatory and how to get one:

[q]What is HSRP?[/q]

[ans]HSRP or High Security Registration Plate is a new form of number plate that is tamper proof and has non reusable locks. This means once a number plate is fixed, it can only be removed by breaking the lock, which is not easy to replace. All the HSRP plates will have similar font and design, having a Ashoka Chakra on the left side in blue colour. The rest of the plate colour is decided basis the vehicle type, for example white background with black numbers if for private vehicles. There’s also “INDIA" hot stamped on the number plate. [/ans]

[q]What is Colour Coded Sticker?[/q]

[ans]A colour coded sticker is a hologram fixed inside the windscreen indicating the fuel type and Bharat Stage of a vehicle. For the new BS-VI cars running on petrol and CNG, the sticker has blue background with a green strip, while cars running on BS-IV or III fuel will have a blue coloured background. Similarly, diesel vehicles has orange background. [/ans]

[q]What is the benefit of high security registration plate?[/q]

[ans]The regular number plates are made by pasting stickers on the plate, which can be easily tampered and were used for getting away after committing a traffic offense. The HSRP, on the other hand, is fixed using non-removable snap-on locks and has the number hot stamped on the plate itself, making it difficult to tamper. Also, HSRPs are fixed by automobile dealers and private vendors approved by the state authorities and can only be issued after vehicle owner provides information like engine number, chassis number, name and other pertinent details.

Another problem is that in many states, people like to fix number plates with numbers and letters written in regional languages, which is against the law. The fonts and number plate size also varies from person to person. The HSRP will bring uniformity to the numbering system.[/ans]

[q]Is is mandatory to have HSRP and Colour-Coded Sticker?[/q]

[ans]Yes, as per the Central Motor Vehicle Act 1989 Rule 50, it is mandatory to have both. However, not many were taking the new ruling seriously. After the intervention of Supreme Court, Delhi has become the first state/ UT to implement fine on not having sticker and HSRP.[/ans]

[q]Who will be fined for not having HSRP?[/q]

[ans]Only the vehicles with Delhi registration plate will be fined for now and that too in 11 districts. The vehicles bearing number plate from other states won’t be issued any challan for not having HSRP and CCS. However, the HSRP is valid for all vehicle form and not just four wheelers, including commercial vehicles, two-wheelers and private cars. [/ans]

[q]Where can I book HSRP?[/q]

[ans]For vehicles purchased after April 2019, the owners can contact their respective dealers as the registration plates are being fixed by dealers themselves. For vehicles older than April 2019, one can visit BookMyHSRP and book the service. One can avail both the services or either one of HSRP or colour coded sticker based on requirement. Currently the website is offering service only for Delhi and UP people. [/ans]

[q]Can I buy and Fix the HSRP myself?[/q]

[ans]No, government has designated dealers and private shops who can fix the HSRP and sticker after you provide all the detail on the website. [/ans]

[q]Can I only book colour-coded sticker?[/q]

[ans]Yes, if you already have HSRP installed in your vehicle, you can apply only for colour-coded sticker, also called third number plate. [/ans]

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first published:December 20, 2020, 10:03 IST