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Ferrari Omologata Unveiled, One-Off Model Took Over Two Years to Complete

Ferrari Omologata. (Photo: Ferrari)

Ferrari Omologata. (Photo: Ferrari)

The Ferrari Omologata is a one-off design made by Ferrari for a ‘discerning European client’ and gets a hand-formed custom aluminium body.

Ferrari, the Italian luxury sports car manufacturer based out of Maranello, Italy, represents a perfect combination of formidable speed and handcrafted luxury, earning the luxury in the automotive world. Its rich legacy and history of racing and road car technology have made it one of the most rivalled car manufacturers and race teams in history.

Ferrari’s latest offering is its all-new Omologata, which means "homologated" in Italian. Commissioned by a ‘discerning European client’, the Omologata takes inspiration from its 812 Superfast car line-up and is an exercise in “exploiting the proportions of the potent, mid-front layout,” says Ferrari.

Although it started off as a regular with its 812 Superfast as inspiration, the designers have hand-formed the completely custom aluminium body, retaining just the windscreen and headlights. Inspired from GTs of the past, Ferrari developed a new shade of red in a triple-layer Rosso Magma for its new machine which also features racing-inspired graphics. It also created a new shade of red for the number ‘7’ emblems featured on the hood and both doors, plus for the stripe that runs beneath the windshield as it connects the rocker panels. No details of why No. 7 emblazoned on the car were shared by Ferrari yet.

Ferrari Omologata
Ferrari Omologata from the back. (Photo: Ferrari)

The completely hand-crafted aluminium bodywork gives the Omologota a whole new look. The exteriors boast of the flattened oval grille at the front, retro window louvres, while the interiors feature crackled paint effect on the dashboard and steering wheel, connecting to Ferrari car models of the past. No doubt, it has taken close to two years in the making!

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According to details released by Ferrari, the vibrant red is complemented by electric blue leather upholstery for the seats, while everything else is wrapped in black. The Italian car company has not revealed the Omologota's technical specifications, performance and pricing details yet. Even the name of the ‘discerning European client’ is under wraps.

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