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For Tata Motors, the long haulage trucks are all about delivering value to customers

For Tata Motors, the long haulage trucks are all about delivering value to customers

Tata Motors has the widest range of mining and construction vehicles with an enviable range of vehicle catering to concrete transport solutions.

India’s trucking industry is highly vibrant and plays a crucial role in driving the national economy making it one of the most promising truck markets globally. However, the entire transport industry was hit by the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020 resulting in rising prices of fuel, labor and vehicles and considerably lower fleet utilization and freight rates. Amidst such challenges, Tata Motors, India’s largest commercial vehicle manufacturer, has revamped its entire long haul trucking range, making them more modern and contemporary to rebuild the shaken industry and empower their customers’ business.

Long Haulage with Tata Motors:

Tata Motors’ haulage range now categories into 19T GVW Trucks in Medium Commercial Vehicle range to heavy-duty multi-axles at 28T and 35T, thus offering a product to every critical application and value for road logistics across the country. All the long haul trucks incorporate the new BS6 design philosophy basis the Product Attribute Leadership Strategy (PALs), to perform at a level that sustainably leads to higher operating profits and total cost of ownership for the customer.

The Power of 6:


The all-new range by Tata Motors ensures that each Tata BS6 truck aces in the market in all the critical parameters for the customer to succeed and remain profitable in their business. This has lead to the new brand promise of Tata Motors BS6 trucks created by the company as the ‘Power of 6’. The ‘Power of 6’ value proposition rests on some robust pillars that are coined to offer significant advances across the key areas relevant for each segment:

  1. Power of Enhanced Performance: With a faster turnaround time, enhanced drivability, higher uptime and productivity, the Tata Motors BS6 range will empower every business with greater progress and revenues

  1. Power of Lower Total Cost of Ownership: The extensive range of fuel efficient trucks will enable substantially low operational costs of the vehicle. Additionally features like powerful engines, larger clutch, gear box and axles, low maintenance cost make these trucks a superior collection

  1. Power of Comfort and Convenience: It’s time to make sure that a vehicle is created keeping in mind the comfortability and safety factors. The Tata Motors BS6 range has many unique comfort and convenience features which ensure increased fleet utilization and lower idle time, higher driver retention and vehicle productivity

  1. Power of Choice: With the Tata Motors extensive range, the customer can enjoy the freedom and power to select the right fully configured vehicle as per the business application and requirements

  1. Power of Connectivity: In these challenging times, this key pillar ensures real time data generation and tracking of vehicles enabling maximization of fleet utilization, vehicle productivity and reduction in vehicle operation expenses.

  1. Power of Total Peace of Mind: Every customer requires utmost focus on the business without having to worry about the vehicle repairs, maintenance and up gradation. With the Tata Motors Sampoorna Seva, you can continue running your business with Total Peace of Mind.

Innovation and Design:

All the Tata Motors BS6 trucks come with all new aggregates and a promise of productivity, durability, and reliability. They are robustly designed with long haul trucking needs, offering higher engine torque and wider flat torque curve, enabling superior pickup, acceleration, gradeability, faster and smoother drives on highways thereby ensuring faster turnaround time. They are equipped with powerful Cummins and Turbotronn engines that offer best-in-industry fuel efficiency for long distance travel.

The modern Prima and Signa cabins are designed to provide maximum comfort, storage space and safety, thereby ensuring fatigue-free and safe operating environment to the driver. Additional features such as engine brake, hill start assist, tilt & telescopic steering, intelligent instrument cluster, wider sleeper berth and LED taillights further make sure that the driver can drive long distances with utmost convenience, lesser fatigue and the best safety measures to maximize deliverables with higher profits, efficiency and safety at the same time. All these are further augmented with the new-age advanced telematics solution – Tata Motors Fleet Edge.

Services and Super Initiatives:

Tata Motors also extends various vehicle care programs, fleet management solutions, annual maintenance packages and resale of used trucks under the Sampoorna Seva 2.0 initiative. Some of the standout features of these bouquet of benefits are Tata Alert offering 24×7 roadside assistance for all vehicles under warranty, Tata Kavach ensures that all accidental vehicles insured under Tata Motors Insurance are repaired within 15 days, and a service turnaround time guarantee under Tata Zippy to ensure maximum uptime.

Tata Motors has the widest range of mining and construction vehicles with an enviable range of vehicle catering to concrete transport solutions. And with the markets opening up, Tata Motors has set a firm foot with its highly versatile and customer centric BS6 range.

Learn more about this highly advanced and holistic range here.

This article is created on behalf of Tata Motors by the Studio18 team.

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first published:June 21, 2021, 16:14 IST