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Ford Endeavour Titanium 2.2 4x2 AT Review: The Value For Money Endeavour

Ford Endeavour Titanium 2.2 4x2 AT. (Image: Cars18)

Ford Endeavour Titanium 2.2 4x2 AT. (Image: Cars18)

The Ford Endeavour 2.2L Titanium AT misses out on some equipment and power as compared to the bigger 3.2-litre engine but priced at Rs 26.95 lakh ex-showroom does it still give a tough competition to the Toyota Fortuner? We find out in our review.

Ford came out with the new Endeavour last year. We at Cars18 gave you the review of the top-end 3.2-litre version of this massive SUV that competes with the Toyota's eye candy Fortuner. We had been hearing from a lot of customers and our peers that the 2.2-litre engine of the Ford Endeavour is underpowered and not as good as the bigger engine option. So, we thought let's try it out ourselves and see how good these claims were. For our review, we got the Ford Endeavour Titanium 2.2 4x2 AT variant of the SUV. On paper, the 2.2-litre engine comes with less power and comes at an ex-showroom price of Rs 26.95 Lakhs. It lacks on some equipment as well, but in this review, we try to find out whether it is still a potent SUV to go for or not?

Design & Interiors

In terms of exteriors design and styling the 2.2 Titanium Ford Endeavour is quite similar to the 3.2-litre version. A notable difference that many might see is the big front fender badging that states its a 2.2L AT variant and a missing sun-roof. This is a full sized SUV and the massive Hulk of a grille up front give the Endeavour a dominating road presence. At 4892mm the Ford Endeavour is a very long SUV as well, compare it next to a Mercedes GL and you might see it over powering the German in terms of stance.

The 7 seater SUV has nice curves to it as well when you look at the side profile, and the rear has futuristic and well-rounded taillamps. The overall proportions of the Ford Endeavour are pleasing and it does not look like a boat as well. There is of course use of a lot of chrome as well in the exterior styling of the Endeavour but, it's done with a touch of class and not crass. The 7-seat SUV has loads of space inside and comes with a lot of gadgets to play around with. The seating arrangement is also similar to the 3.2-litre variant of the endeavour.

You get 22 buttons on the steering wheel as well. The car's instrument cluster gives you loads of data points to churn and every button has a meaning to it. There is also a touchscreen infotainment system that comes with Ford Sync as well as an option to pair five Bluetooth devices with it. The 10 speakers ensure that every instrument is heard of when you are playing your favourite song on the drive. The fit and finish inside the cabin is also premium and you also get all leather seats. All in all, the Endeavour 2.2 does not feel lacking in any way when compared to the 3.2, which is a great thing for buyers not wanting to spend the extra cash. But if you want a sunroof, you will have to buy the 3.2 variant.

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Engine & Performance

This Endeavour is powered by Ford's 2.2-litre, four cylinder engine. This motor makes an impressive 158 bhp @ 3200 RPM, along with 385Nm of torque that is available from as low as 1600rpm. Remember that this 7-seater full grown SUV has a kerb weight of over 2200kg and despite that engine does the job fairly well. The engine is capable of pulling the Endeavor with ease and the beast can also accelerate to any speed with ease. No, when compared to the 3.2 Litre engine this engine might feel a little underpowered, but at no point, the 2.2 litres will make you feel short on it as well. The engine offers a good grunt and effortlessly picks up the car from a standstill. At no point will you feel the need of going over 2000 rpm on the 2.2 litre Ford Endeavour.

It's the refined motor that Ford uses on this one that makes it an effortless SUV. We took it to the hills as well and at no point was this SUV struggling with an uphill climb or at places where there we no roads. The cabin insulation is also the best in the segment and you won't hear the engine noise at all inside the cabin. That is because of Ford's ‘Active Noise Cancellation’ technology. It ensures the cabin is quiet by using three microphones that emit a low-frequency counter wave inside. What was a little disappointing though was the lack of a terrain management system inside the 2.2L variant of the Endeavour, but the engine capacity is more than enough to pull it through bad roads.

The 6-speed automatic transmission also is as seamless as it was on the 3.2-litre Endeavour. The suspension setup on the 2.2 Endeavour is also something that won't make you feel potholes at all. Now one of the best things that I personally liked about the Endeavour 2.2 is the fact that this one has a significantly low body roll as compared to the Toyota Fortuner. At high speeds on the highway as well, this massive SUV felt very planted to the road. The sense of confidence when you drive it is as good as any German SUV that you'll drive on an Indian road. The power delivery of the 2.2-litre engine is also very linear and we were never left wanting for more during our drive on the hills as well as on the highways.

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The 2.2 litre Ford Endeavour misses out on some equipment when compared to the 3.2-litre version, but having said that the 2.2 litres would not disappoint you at all. At a price point of a little over Rs 25 lakh, the Ford Endeavour Titanium 2.2 4x2 AT is something that we would recommend even over the Toyota Fortuner simply because of the drive quality that this one offers of its Japanese counterpart.

If you are in for a full grown SUV and are not looking for fancy bits like a sun-roof then, the 2.2-litre Endeavor makes more sense than the 3.2 litres one. The bigger engine is mainly for people who are looking for more power and great off-roading capabilities. For an everyday city SUV and a weekend getaway vehicle, the 2.2L Endeavour makes perfect sense.