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Ford Survey Reveals Wrong Beliefs of Indian Drivers on Fuel Economy

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Last Updated: November 28, 2016, 15:37 IST

Image: Ford India

Image: Ford India

Only 27 percent of drivers know how to use a GPS to set a good route before starting a drive.

In a recent survey by Ford Motor Company, Indian drivers were asked about their driving habits and fuel efficiency knowledge. When asked about their driving habits, 95% claimed they knew how to drive their car for maximum fuel efficiency, and 96% said they make a concerted effort to drive efficiently on a daily basis.

The fuel efficiency survey commissioned by Ford Motor Company covered 9,500 drivers across 11 markets in Asia Pacific, including 1,023 Indian respondents.

The survey revealed that 40% of Indian drivers are unaware that harsh accelerating and braking negatively affects the car’s fuel consumption.

Fact: Aggressive driving – like braking harshly or taking off too quickly – is a major offender when it comes to wasting fuel.

26% of Indian drivers believe that keeping the engine running while idling saves more fuel.

Fact: Turning the engine off and restarting it again is actually more fuel efficient.

78% of drivers are unaware about the fuel efficiency benefits of cruise control

Fact: Cruise control maintains a constant speed, which translates into saving of fuel since there is no harsh braking or accelerating. And it also stops one from driving faster than allowed.

Only 27% know how to use a GPS to map out the quickest route before heading out

Fact: Both time and money can be saved by checking your route on your GPS system before you hit the road.

52% did not know that driving in hilly areas can affect fuel consumption

Fact: A long drive in the mountains uses more fuel than driving on a flat, straight road. Driving uphill uses more fuel as the vehicle is working slightly harder to go against gravity.

Many respondents were unaware that weather affects a vehicle’s fuel efficiency

Fact: Cold weather can reduce your fuel economy significantly as it takes longer for your engine to reach its most efficient temperature. In warmer weather, pay attention to when you should use the car’s air-conditioner. The higher the speed, the more wind resistance affects mileage. At highway speeds you’re better off using the air-conditioner.

Only 35% of drivers knew that weight affects fuel consumption

Fact: Excess weight in the vehicle can wreak havoc on your car’s fuel consumption. Any extra 20kg can reduce fuel economy by roughly one percent. So, extra clutter or unnecessary items must be removed.

One in three drivers were unaware that regular servicing helps save fuel, and over half (58%) were unaware that regularly checking tire pressure also helps save fuel

Fact: A properly maintained vehicle and correctly inflated tires helps stretch your petrol dollar further.

While Indian drivers are showing more interest in purchasing fuel efficient vehicles to save on fuel, a good way of doing it is through good driving habits.

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    About the Ford Survey

    This online survey was conducted by GlobalWebIndex on behalf of Ford Motor Company. 9,509 consumers were surveyed across 11 markets: Australia (1,026 respondents), China (1,011 respondents), Hong Kong (784 respondents), India (1,023 respondents), Malaysia (786 respondents), New Zealand (774 respondents), Philippines (783 respondents), South Korea (760 respondents), Taiwan (762 respondents), Thailand (1,026 respondents) and Vietnam (774 respondents). Fieldwork was concluded in June 2016.

    first published:November 28, 2016, 15:37 IST
    last updated:November 28, 2016, 15:37 IST