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Freak Toyota Fortuner Accident in Chandigarh Captured on Video, SUV Flies into the Air

(Image: CarToq)

(Image: CarToq)

The police said that the vehicle went out of the 25-year-old driver's control because he suffered from major seizures while at the wheel.

In a case of a horrific accident, a Toyota Fortuner was flung into the air after hitting a solid platform at a T-point in Sector 37, Chandigarh. The CCTV footage of the incident shows a speeding Toyota Fortuner coming down the road and crashing into a platform. The car, as a result of the collision, became airborne and landed on two cars parked in the neighbourhood. According to the report, no one except the driver has been injured in the accident. Nobody was accompanying the driver at the time of the accident. The video also shows a few vehicles passing by when the incident happened. However, the street was luckily empty at that time.

The police attributed the loss of control to the 25-year-old driver’s health issues. According to the police, the driver, identified as Rajinder Singh, suffered major seizures. Besides, the medical examination found no traces of alcohol in his blood. Rajinder is undergoing treatment at a hospital and his family is with him. Both car owners, on whose cars the SUV landed, have registered a complaint with the police against Rajinder for damaging their vehicles.

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