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Google Maps Will Now Filter EV Charging Stations Based on Plug Type

Image for Representation

Image for Representation

The new Google Maps feature will help electric vehicle owners drive to their nearest charging station with compatible connectors.

Google Maps has received a new filter to classify the Electronic Vehicles (EV) charging stations based on plug type. There are different types of charging connectors used by several car manufacturers, for example, Nissan uses CHAdeMO, Tesla uses its instrumentation, and also the BMW and VW use CCS plug kind for charging their cars. Since the emergence of the EV search facility over Google Maps, the users were missing out on the ability to filter results based on the connector type, GizmoChina reported on Sunday.

The recent update will surely a sigh of relief for the daily drivers, it will facilitate them in driving their car to a compatible charging station. To use the new feature, the users can head over to the Google Maps > Settings > Electric Vehicle Settings >Your Plugs > Choose and save.

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