Govt In Final Stages to Restart Domestic Flights, Delay Due to Resistance from States

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Representational Image.

Passengers will be given a ticket bar code that will give them access to the airport and no baggage tag on inflight or check-in luggage will be used.

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Recent developments from top Government sources suggest that the Central Government is in its final stages to resume flight operations in India. However, a few complications are being posed by State Governments seeking clarity on whether passengers must be quarantined after landing or not.

We have learnt that passengers will be given a ticket bar code that will give them access to the airport. No baggage tag on inflight or check-in luggage will be used. Talks for computer-generated baggage tag is underway, failing which passengers could be required to put identification marks on the bag. Additionally, flight catering and food are ruled out for now.

As per the top govt sources, the decision is not yet final. The government has laid down a detailed SOP for resuming the flight services, some of which include no catering for a flight duration of under two hours. Some snacks, however, could still be offered.

The flights, once operational, will have to operate in a limited capacity and will connect major cities. Keeping in mind the safety of the passengers and the staff involved in the functioning of a flight, SOPs will be placed and only healthy people will be allowed to travel.

Recently, Delhi International Airport Limited (DIAL) has made operational several technology-based unique facilities at Delhi Airport, including specially designed UV (ultraviolet) based tunnels to disinfect checkpoint trays and baggage, mobile UV tower to disinfect surfaces in the terminal area and handheld UV devices. In addition, passenger trolley disinfection system and walk-in shoe sanitizer mats will also be made available for passenger safety.

The used trolleys and trays can be passed one after another, where each of them shall take approximately five seconds to come out virus-free. DIAL has also installed UV tunnel at Terminal 3 of the Delhi Airport that will help in disinfection of passenger bags. The prototype has been installed at baggage belt area.

A live CCTV feed of UV scanning process mounted at Baggage Reclaim hall allows the passengers to see the disinfecting process, in which high-intensity UV lamps are being used for on-line disinfection of their bags.

As for the aim to provide enhanced IAQ (Indoor Air Quality), DIAL has also installed more than 700 UV lamps in AHU (312 units). To enhance passenger safety and comply with COVID-19 safety measures, Mobile Disinfecting Towers have been developed and provided at the airport to disinfect various locations of terminal buildings.

These moveable towers will be placed in properly cordoned areas of the terminal, where UV lamps will be operated and disinfection will be done in particular areas. Once disinfection is completed, UV power will be switched off and towers will manually be re-located to other areas for similar processes.

Additionally, handheld disinfection torch will also available at the airport to disinfect desktop, laptops and other devices.

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