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Hero Pleasure Plus 110 First Ride Review: Funky & Functional

Hero Pleasure Plus 110 First Ride Review: Funky & Functional

We recently got a chance to ride the Pleasure Plus 110 in Delhi and here's what we think about Hero's newest addition to its scooter line-up in India.

Hero MotoCorp had launched the XPulse 200, 200T & Xtreme 200S in India last month. It's easy to see that the homegrown brand has gone on the offensive when it comes to the number of products in the country. Hero further added the Maestro Edge 125 and Pleasure Plus 110 to the mix recently. We recently got a chance to ride both scooters in Delhi and here's what we think about Hero's newest additions to the scooter market in India.

Like the Maestro, the Pleasure moniker already exists in the brand’s portfolio. Hero MotoCorp have now added the 110cc engine, which also does duties on a range of other Hero scooters, to the Pleasure Plus. The engine produces a power output of 8 bhp at 7500 rpm, and a peak torque of 8.7 Nm at 5500 rpm.

Once you’re on the move, the first thing which is immediately apparent, in comparison with the Maestro Edge 125, is the slightly more aggressive style of posture. The Pleasure Plus instantly feels more manoeuvrable and also more compact in its size.

The power delivery is ample but after 50 – 60km/hr, the Pleasure Plus does that to feel a bit strained. Braking is adequate at best and getting the Pleasure Plus to stop can be a little nerve racking at times. However, it does a little more bite than the Maestro Edge, thanks to its 101-kilogram kerb weight.

The Pleasure Plus also does a good job in terms of ride comfort but does feel a bit jerky when there is a long stretch of uneven road surface. However, when it comes to handling, the Pleasure Plus feels light and nimble.

When it comes to looks, the Pleasure Plus will be a head turner thanks to its good mix of looks. It balances just the right amount of retro and modern. The silver panels between the indicator lights and the side back panels look well integrated into the design. The black alloy wheels also elevate the stance of the Pleasure Plus. Overall, the bike looks quite cute and chic.

The Pleasure Plus also comes loaded with features like a USB charger located accessibly close to the front pocket, LED boot lamp, Integrated Braking System and a new backlit Speedometer with Fuel and Side Stand Indicator. Hero MotoCorp has priced the Pleasure Plus 110 has been priced at Rs 47,300 (ex-showroom).

After riding the Pleasure Plus 110, we felt that it is a very competent scooter which looks contemporary along with a dash of funk. It's 110cc engine also provides of sense of practicality along with functionality. However, we were pleased to find that the Pleasure Plus is quite nimble in its handling and provides that extra quotient of fun to it.