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Hero Xtreme 200R Long Term Review: Mid-Report

Hero Xtreme 200R Long Term Review: Mid-Report

Here's our mid-report of our likable and good looking long term companion - the Hero Xtreme 200R.

We've been riding the Hero Xtreme 200R, which joined our long term fleet in April, for almost 600 kilometers and we have to say that it is an impressive motorcycle. We've been testing the motorcycle in mostly city conditions and the first thing which is immediately apparent is the agility the bike has in tighter traffic conditions. The relatively flat handlebar and slightly rear-set footpegs make the Xtreme 200R fun but predictable at the same time.

The Hero Xtreme 200R gets a kick starter. (Image: Abhinav Jakhar/News18.com)

However, certain parts on the Xtreme like the kickstart, carburetor (choke) and dials which give it a retro feel. This is a purely subjective matter, but we seem to like these practical additions as they keep costs in check but also have the added benefit of being fixed anywhere if a such a situation is to arrive. With that being said, the Xtreme is a very reliable companion and has a solid feel to it.

Hero Xtreme 200R. (Image: Abhinav Jakhar/News18.com)

When it comes to braking, the single-channel ABS does a good job of stopping the Xtreme 200R in time. However, the rear tyres do screech and tend to lock up under hard braking. Don't get us wrong though, even this has an element of fun attached to it, once you get a hang of it. We also like the design of the pilot lights and tail lamps.

Hero Xtreme 200R has one of the best-looking tail lights in the segment. (Photo: Hero MotoCorp)

There are a few things which could be a little better on the Xtreme 200R. First is the positioning of the switch which controls the dipper, its placed on the top of the switchgear, where you usually find the high beam switch. Second is the seating, which is adequate for shorter commutes but can be a feel a little too hard for longer ones. The third is the frequency of false neutrals and gear slippages, but this can also be attributed to the fact that the Xtreme 200R in long term fleet is a brand new one. However, none of these really serve up as deal breakers in our book.

Hero Xtreme 200R gets a pretty basic instrument cluster. (Photo: Hero MotoCorp)

All in all, the Xtreme 200R is a reliable, simple and fun companion to have and we are thoroughly enjoying our time with it. We'll be bringing you our final report on the Hero Xtreme 200R soon, so do keep a tab on this space to find out more about Hero's offering in 200cc motorcycle segment in India.