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Honda Civic Modified With Tesla-like Touchscreen System: Watch Video

Image for representation. (Photo: Ayushmann Chawla/

Image for representation. (Photo: Ayushmann Chawla/

These infotainment systems are specially made for Honda Civic and can be bought at prices starting at Rs 35,000

The Honda Civic is indubitably one of the strongest contenders in its segment. The badge has seen immense popularity in India and after skipping an entire generation, Honda brought back the car in its 10th generation in India. It soon shot up to be one of the most sought after offering in its segment. The car pronounces premium features and comes with a very potent engine. We reviewed the car closer to its launch and came out mighty impressed with everything that it brought on the table. However, the Civic that you see above is a bit more special.

No points to guess the exterior tweaks as there aren't any. The real pièce de résistance of this particular lies inside on its dashboard. While the standard Honda Civic boasts of a 7-inch touchscreen infotainment system that comes with Android Auto as well as Apple CarPlay, this one has ditched the same for a new unit inspired by the one seen on all Tesla cars.

While the setup looks eerily similar to the ones seen on a Tesla, this one is a completely different unit in terms of UI, and other functions that can be carried out with it. The video shows how the new system is fit in the dashboard neatly, leaving no gaps in between the panels. After briefing about the whole fitment process, the car seems to be receptive of the new system and is able to carry out the functions just like Tesla. While the stock Civic comes with an infotainment display that supports Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, this one does not. Multiple versions of this screen are available specially made for the Honda Civic with prices starting at Rs 35,000 going up to Rs 50,000.