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How Technology Is Revolutionizing the Unorganized Parking Sector in India and the Road Ahead

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Last Updated: December 18, 2020, 17:06 IST

Staked Parking in Delhi. (Image source: Twitter/Officialsmdc)

Staked Parking in Delhi. (Image source: Twitter/Officialsmdc)

In the modern world, where the mobility industry is evolving at a rapid pace, the urban world needs future proof technology to enhance the parking experience.

Mobile and cloud based services have simplified our lives to an extent where we can’t imagine our lives without them. But the parking industry has not been up to speed while adapting to these services and consumer expectations. While the traditional parking methods must have worked in the earlier times, we need more than these traditional methods to simplify parking and squeeze out more space from the available space.

In the modern world, where the automobile and mobility industry is evolving at a rapid pace, the urban world needs future proof technology to enhance the parking experience. Here’s a look at the cutting edge developments done pioneers in smart parking technology:

Smart Sensors- Tools like UV sensors, geomagnetic sensors and radar based sensors aid in tracking of the vehicles inside parking. With these devices, it makes it viable to monitor the occupancy of each parking slot. Sensors in the parking are connected to the cloud server and mobile apps to show real time status of parking to the consumers and parking managers.

ANPR Cameras- The ability of Smart Cameras to scan the number plate helps in providing secure and fast access control of the parking lot. The cameras process and transfer information to the servers to keep track of vehicle identification. It eliminates the unauthorized entry of vehicles into the parking and automates the ticketing and revenue collection operation.


Mobile Apps- Mobile apps for parking have brought a revolutionary change in the parking industry. The real time apps help the user to avoid long queues and find parking easily. It eliminates the cash-counter system in the parking by offering cashless payment options. The user can easily check the status and relevant information of parking, and do reservations and avail value added services.

Automated Parking system- It utilizes compact parking spaces and maximizes the parking capacity of the parking. This technology converts parking garages into multiple levels of parking lots where the vehicles are stacked vertically. It minimizes land usage and increases the utility of the area through the mechanical system.

Creating more parking spaces is not going to solve the problem but we need a stable vision of parking that manages the association between supply and demand. And getting that vision, smart parking technology will play a very crucial role. Here’s how technology contributes to manage an unorganized parking sector:

Real-time availability- The latest mobile apps and web apps are making it convenient for the user to check the real-time availability of the parking spaces, directly saving a lot of time and reducing traffic congestion.

Tracking- With evolving technology, the lives of both the administrator and the users of the parking are simplified. The administrator can track every single activity like the vehicles going in and out of the parking, vacancy in the parking lot, monitoring the health status of the devices, and more. The user can also check the availability of parking, the status of the parking sessions, and transactions in real-time.

Seamless transactions- The traditional methods of payment like parking meters, ticket vending machines, and ticket counters have now been replaced with the new payment methods. In the present day, transactions are done through online payment portals, making it hassle-free.

Increased Security- Safety and security are significant in modern times. The devices deployed in the parking, like the sensors, cameras, and trackers, increased more reliability and security. Only authorized vehicles are allowed in the parking area. Parking cameras help enforcement officers to capture the violations and to ensure the safety of the vehicles in the parking 24*7.

Touchless parking- Post Covid-19, consumers and businesses are mindful of minimizing physical touch. In a touchless parking lot, your customers (transient and monthly) can do entry access, payments, and exit validation all through their phones. The new inventions in the parking industry facilitate the user to receive a hands-on wheel experience. It is the fastest-growing shift from operating everything manually to doing it online.

Reduced workforce - The complete process of managing the parking operations are done with the parking equipment and software, reducing the enforcement of manual workers in the parking garage. Manual entry, opening gates, and directing the vehicles are few tasks that were done manually, now managing those operations through parking equipment and software makes everything automatic..

Minimizes revenue leakage- Smart parking technology helps the industry in performing traditional parking operations in a better and optimized way. There is no misplacement of parking fees as there are no middlemen between the parking operator and the user. The operator can view all the details about the vehicle count and the transaction associated with each vehicle.


Smart Parking technology has provided the much needed transformation of the parking industry. It has positively impacted all stakeholders of parking and mobility to deliver future proof strategies. With modern technology touching our everyday lives, more advancements are expected in the future of parking.

This opinion is authored by Chirag Jain, Founder & CEO - Get My Parking. All views are personal.

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first published:December 18, 2020, 17:06 IST
last updated:December 18, 2020, 17:06 IST