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How To Make Your Car Look New and Exciting Again – Do It Yourself Guide

By: Arjit Garg

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Last Updated: December 21, 2019, 17:10 IST

Modified Suzuki Swift Sport. (Image: <a href="https://www.facebook.com/kuhl.racing/?__tn__=k*F&tn-str=k*F">Kuhl Racing</a>)

Modified Suzuki Swift Sport. (Image: Kuhl Racing)

We list down ways to make your car look new again under our Do It Yourself Guide series.

While cars act as a mode of road transportation, they are more personal and hold a special status in the lives of people. There’s a lot of thought and research gone into buying a car and hence, it pains the buyers to see their cars getting old. While keeping them maintained and shiny is one solution to offset the age of the car, there are some fun ways to convert your car into a fairly new one, or let’s say, to reignite the same love as the new one. Here’s how to make your car look new again under our Do It Yourself Guide series-

Body Graphics

The easiest and most budget-friendly ways to spice up your car is to add Decals. Decals or body graphics are highly customizable and easily available both in showrooms and online for almost all the cars. Decals can be as simple as a slogan or as complex as a stunning graphic and the possibilities and combinations are endless.

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Modified Ford Endeavour. (Image source: YouTube/ GS Customs India)[/caption]

Body Wrapping

If you are not the one for body graphics, you can move a step ahead and do radical changes in your car, simply by wrapping the whole body in vinyl sheets of your colour preference. Body wrapping works as an alternative to new body paint, which is not only illegal but also super expensive. There are a lot of customization houses offering a warranty on body graphics and you can get it done on just the roof or hood, or on the whole body itself.

Alloy Wheels

The above two methods change the look of the body. But if you want to add sportiness without stickers or wrapping, getting a fresh set of alloy wheels is your next big bet. Add a neon paint to your brake calipers while changing your alloys and you will get a car that not looks visibly sportier but also unique. Alloy wheels are available in many designs, colours, and sizes so getting a preferred set won’t be a problem. However, if you’re short on budget, you can repaint the existing alloy wheels of your car, to make them look fresh and new.

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Modified Hyundai Elite i20. Image used for representational purpose. (Image: Concept Designz)[/caption]

Body Kits

If you are really serious about taking your car to a whole new level, then nothing works better than the combination of alloy wheels, wrapping and most importantly, body kit. A body kit is a wide term used for various body extensions made of metal, plastic and fibre that enhances the design of the body. The most popular body kit is a roof spoiler that is usually added to high-performance cars for increasing the downforce. However, most of the time, it’s just a visual delight. You can also get body skirting to add to the width, hood air scoop/ intake, and many such panels to make your car look aggressive.

Sporty Exhaust

The above-mentioned ways could only cosmetically enhance your car. However, to really spruce things up, one needs to add another dimension of mod-job called the aftermarket exhaust tips. While some exhaust tips made of metal are used purely as cosmetic addition, good quality and thoughtful change in the exhaust can give you an aural fun like none other. Exhaust tips are available in a wide range of shapes and colours and give your car unique exhaust note.

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