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How to Take Care of Your Car in Monsoon – DIY Guide

Monsoon Car Care Tips. (Image: Arjit Garg/ News18.com)

Monsoon Car Care Tips. (Image: Arjit Garg/ News18.com)

We have compiled a list of tips and tricks to take care of your car, to keep you rolling in Monsoon.

While the Delhi-NCR is facing the wrath of summers with temperature crossing 45 degrees, pre-monsoon showers have already started in South India, more particularly in Mumbai. People are hoping for a respite from summers with the arrival of monsoons. But, the fun and joy of rains is limited to the initial few days as the news of water logging on the roads, and long traffic jams start to pour in. Heavy rains, not only cause a havoc on the daily commuters, it also takes a toll on your vehicle. A careless attitude can cause a huge damage to your car that in turn could create trouble for you while traveling. This is why we have compiled a list of tips and tricks to take care of your car this monsoon. Here’s how to keep your car rolling in Monsoon 2018-

Check for Tyre Tread

It goes without saying that the tyres are the most crucial component of any car, as they are the contact point between your car and the road and also help you roll. However, most people don’t take care of the tyres on a regular basis that leads to erosion of tread on the surface. Tread are the patterns or grooves you see on your tyre that serve an important purpose. Tyre treads add to the friction that helps in maintaining the grip on the road. In rain, the traction on the road is reduced and hence you need tyres in the utmost condition with good tread grooves to keep your car glued to the road.

Check for Body Leaks

You may have heard your car dealership selling you an underbody coat for body protection. While you may have thought it as a gimmick to earn money, underbody protection goes a long way in protecting your body from rust that may lead to damages and leaks. Also, a full body protective coat will make your car weather proof. If you see any scratch or paint erosion, do get it repaired as it may lead to rust. The rubbers on your doors should be intact so that water don’t drip in.

Check your brakes

Not only in monsoons, but the brakes have to be in proper condition at all the times. However, monsoon calls for an extra effort as the water reduces the friction between the brake shoe and tyre, the same as in the case of tyre and the road. If your brake shoes are already worn out, chances are it may lead to an unforeseen circumstance. It is advised to get your brakes properly checked before the monsoon kicks in. Not only this, all the fluids should be properly topped up, especially the brake fluid.

Check your wipers

Wipers are to rain what light is to the dark. Bad analogy, but it will make you understand how important windshield wipers are? But as seen most of the time, people take wipers for granted, that may lead to dangerous situations. The main component of any wiper is the rubber blades that are weather sensitive. After facing a lot of heat in the summers, they tend to crack down or deform. A bad wiper will not clear the windshield properly that is not advisable in rains. So get your wiper rubbers changed in time.

A basic check it all!

While the above mentioned points were the most crucial ones, there’s a lot more in a car to check, so as to avoid unwanted situation. It is always advised to be prepared for the worse. Always keep your car ready with an umbrella, torch, newspaper for cleaning windows, car cover, medical kit, water, extra food and snacks, tyre inflator (USB powered), emergency contact numbers, extra set of headlamps and taillamps, extra set of clothes and other essential. You never know what kind of situation arise when, so being ready is the best solution.

Have a safe driving these monsoons!