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IndiGo Begins Using New IATA Financial Gateway for Billing, Settlement in Overseas Point of Sales

Image for Representation. (Image Credits: Reuters)

Image for Representation. (Image Credits: Reuters)

In the first phase, the IATA Financial Gateway (IFG) is being offered in the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and the UK.

IndiGo, India's largest domestic carrier by market share, has become the first low-cost segment airline in the country to use IATA Financial Gateway (IFG) for billing and settlement in overseas point of sales, according to a statement. In the first phase, the facility is being offered in the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and the UK, the airline added.

The facility, which is aimed at increasing distribution and making the sales process seamless, has come into effect from Wednesday (November 4) in the notified markets, IndiGo said in the statement. IndiGo plans to extend the mechanism to eight other overseas markets going forward, it said.

The Billing and Settlement Plan (BSP) at the global airlines grouping, International Air Transport Association (IATA), is a system designed to facilitate and simplify the selling, reporting and remitting procedures of IATA-accredited passenger sales agents, according to IATA website. It will also improve financial control and cash flow for BSP airlines, it added.

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IndiGo Chief Commercial Officer William Boulter said, "We are pleased to enable the acceptance of the IATA Billing and Settlement Plan to provide an enhanced yet simplified business experience to our travel partners." He added that this facility will also allow the company to expand its distribution reach to travel agents across eleven participating markets, starting with the UAE, Qatar and the UK in the first phase, and then expanding to the other markets. Travel agents who are keen to use BSP for sales of IndiGo tickets can get in touch with IndiGo account manager or the GSA office in relevant markets, the airline said.

It added that after the required formal documentation, the agents will be enabled to use

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