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Kerala Man Modifies Imported Chinese Electric Motorcycle As Per Indian Conditions - Watch Video

The custom electric motorcycle. (Photo: YouTube/Sudus Custom)

The custom electric motorcycle. (Photo: YouTube/Sudus Custom)

Going by its looks, Rakesh Babu's new Electric bike looks neat and he has surprised everyone with his video this time around too.

Over the last decade, electric powertrain vehicles have become quite popular. The electric vehicles (EV) now come in two, three and four-wheel variants, ranging from family wagons, vans, sedans, to name a few. While we have come across success stories of converting traditional internal combustion (IC) engine into an electric one, one such success story has surfaced from the southern shores of the Indian state of Kerala.

According to a CarToq report, an automotive enthusiast and mechanic Rakesh Babu, who had earlier gone viral on the internet for making miniature working models in the past, has now come up with a new full-scale working electric motorcycle. Rakesh, who is also a YouTube vlogger, has recently been working on a new project where he was building an electric motorcycle for a firm. The young mechanic has finished building the new EV motorcycle and uploaded the video on his YouTube channel.

The video starts with Rakesh saying that he is working on this project for a firm, who plan to launch this electric bike in the market soon. The video, which is close to 20 minutes long, further shows how he went about building the prototype of the EV bike for the firm, which they plan to mass produce once they finish making final tweaks.


In the video, he explained that the EV bike was imported from China. He had to completely break it down to give it a desired new shape. The imported vehicle had a Cafe racer body, but he modified it into a two-seater roadster model. The transformed bike sports chunky tyres and spoke wheels with disc brakes at the front and rear. He also extended the motorcycle’s frame so that it could house a longer seat.

Most of the panels were fabricated in his small workshop with limited resources. The dummy fuel tank and the side panels were removed to fabricate a new dummy fuel tank and side panels, while the front forks were replaced with units sourced from a Honda Unicorn. He also modified the battery housing space to accommodate bigger batteries and it features a new fibreglass cover that looks like a motorcycle engine to cover it.

Post all major modifications were done, the frame was completely painted to avoid rust issues. The mudguards, fuel tank and side panel that came with the bike were repainted to go with the overall look of the motorcycle. The vlogger gave them a new cherry red and black colour scheme. The video then shows him assembling all parts to finish the bike that includes the headlights, turn indicators, tail lights that came with the kit. The video doesn’t reveal how the motorcycle actually feels to ride or performance details. However, the transformed motorcycle gets a hub-mounted 2000W electric motor.

Going by its looks, Rakesh’s new bike looks neat and once again, he has surprised everyone with his video this time around too.

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first published:April 06, 2021, 10:41 IST