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Kymco Ionex Electric Scooter Solution First Look - Watch Video

Kymco plans to enter the India two-wheeler market by 2021 with all guns blazing. And, their weapon of choice is the IONEX electric scooter solution.

Manav Sinha | News18.com@manav_sinha

Updated:April 4, 2018, 5:27 PM IST
Kymco Ionex Electric Scooter Solution First Look - Watch Video
Kymco Ionex charging station. (Photo: Kymco)
The Kymco Ionex scooter comes with three batteries on board. Two of them are removable, and they weigh only 5 Kilos - making them portable. Each of the removable battery has a range of about 40 km, the third battery, called the core battery, has a range of about 25 km - taking the total range of about 100 km.

In case you run out of juice in the removable batteries, the core battery will take over to provide extended range. And once you put charged batteries back into the scooter, they will in turn charge the core battery while the scooter runs.

And, if you are wondering about charging, then the removable battery takes about one hour to charge through the company-provided quick charger or else you can charge them from a regular power socket too which will then take about 4 hours.

The removable batteries are placed in the footboard which means they are easily accessible and allow for a bigger under seat storage - big enough to keep three more batteries in them which then takes the total range to almost 200 km.

Kymco also says that their dealerships will have charging systems from where you can hire extra batteries whenever you require.

Watch the video below to know more.

If you want to know more about the Ionex and how it could be the right platform for India, click here.

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