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Lexus-Inspired Modified Toyota Fortuner SUV With All-White Body Looks Butch: Watch Video

Modified Toyota Fortuner. (Image source: YouTube/<a href="">Mukul Bansal</a>)

Modified Toyota Fortuner. (Image source: YouTube/Mukul Bansal)

Will the real Lexus please stand up?

Talk about road-presence and the Toyota Fortuner never misses the list. The hunk of an SUV has for-long been a major contributor to India’s love for SUV. Combine its perfect ride in the city with its impressive capability off the road and you do get an SUV that pretty much checks all the boxes. However, that is not why we are. While we are totally talking about how imposing the car is, what we have here today is a rather interesting modification job.

Customisation house Poona Motors from Pune decided to confuse the onlookers with a new grille from… a Lexus. On offer is the same persona that you would find on a Lexus LX470. However, one difference is the body-coloured grille that is otherwise finished in chrome on the Lexus.

The front bumper comes with an insert and the same is the case with the rear bumper. The body kit also includes side skirts. The headlamps get integrated DRLs while the rear lamps get quirky turn indicators. Even the wing mirrors get a newly style turn indicators.

However, outside is not where the modifications stop. On the inside, the stock infotainment system is switched for a Tesla-like tablet. This tablet comes with a host of features such as Youtube and Google Maps, this infotainment unit also supports a 360-degree camera, which is quite useful on a vehicle as large as the Fortuner.

Mechanically the car remains untouched, which means it is powered by a 2.9-litre diesel engine that produces 175bhp and 450Nm of torque.