Los Angeles May Require Uber, Lyft to Use Electric Vehicles Only

Image for Representation. (Image: AFP Relaxnews)

Image for Representation. (Image: AFP Relaxnews)

LA Mayor Eric Garcetti wants to makes the coastal city carbon neutral by 2050.

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Los Angeles is planning to make it mandatory for rideshare service operators Uber and Lyft to get rid of their fuel vehicles and opt for electric ones. In an interview to Financial Times, Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti said that implementation of the electric vehicle requirement policy is under consideration right now to reduce the share of greenhouse gas emission of the city. He added that he has envisaged making the coastal city carbon neutral by 2050.

Garcetti said that formal consultation about making electric vehicles necessary for rideshare service operators has not commenced yet. He, however, said it is certainly on the cards. Plans are also afoot to purchase more electric buses and electric vehicles for the city’s municipal fleet. Los Angeles had published its “Green New Deal” in April. Under the deal, it has been underlined that the city would fulfil 80 per cent of its electricity requirements from renewable sources by 2036. It further added that it would 100 per cent recycle its wastewater by 2035.

The Los Angeles mayor also told Financial Times now that the US has officially withdrawn from the Paris Climate deal and it is incumbent upon the states and cities to reduce their share of greenhouse gas emission. Garcetti had made climate change and environment issues his main plank during his campaign for the mayoral elections.

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