Madhuri Dixit Gets Toyota Innova Crysta Modified by DC Design, Looks Luxurious

Madhuri Dixit's Toyota Innova Crysta. (Image source: DC Design)

Madhuri Dixit's Toyota Innova Crysta. (Image source: DC Design)

DC Design is one of the most popular customisation house in the country and has earned its name by creating some of the most luxurious iterations of cars.

Looks like DC Design, which was having some difficult times in the recent past have seemed to recover. The automotive design firm now known as DC2, is one of India’s popular car design studio. Recently, they designed Bollywood actor Madhuri Dixit’s Toyota Innova Crysta’s interiors.

Till date, the brand has taken over 600 projects for either interior or exterior aesthetic upgrade. The brand has introduced various options of interior upgrade possibilities for a variety of vehicles that are sold in India. It is only now that the DC2 unveiled its all-new Tata Winger project.

In terms of modifications in Madhuri’s Innova Crysta, images of the exterior have not been shared. But from what has been shared of the interior, one can totally say that all things apart from a few components on the dashboard have gone through a massive revamp.

As per the images on DC Design's official website, one of the most visible primary upgrades is the plush beige theme, along with glossy panels of wood all across.

The car is still a 7-seater but with a completely different look and feel. The seats on the back are powered captain seats that include leg supports. They look much wider than a normal seat. Both people seated on the rear seats get their own infotainment system while being separated from each other by a central console. Madhuri Dixit’s car has also got a star-like roof lighting.

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