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Mercedes-Benz A-Class Limousine India Review: Good Looks, Feature Packed & Everything in Between

Mercedes-Benz A-Class Limousine. (Image: Arjit Garg/News18.com)

Mercedes-Benz A-Class Limousine. (Image: Arjit Garg/News18.com)

After launching entry level cars like A-Class hatch, CLA and GLA, Mercedes-Benz is now ready to launch the A-Class Limousine, and here's our review.

The entry level luxury segment in India is a rather interesting one. On one hand you have buyers who want to upgrade to a luxury brand and on the other hand you have someone who already owns multiple cars and wants to add another luxury vehicle to the family garage and this is where Mercedes-Benz has made multiple attempts in the past to entice buyers with varied offerings be it the A-class hatchback, the GLA SUV or the CLA sedan. Now Mercedes is back again with their latest offering which they say, is better than vehicles even a segment above and it’s called the A-Class Limousine, which happens to the smallest Limo from the brand. We recently got a chance to drive the car in Goa and here’s our Mercedes-Benz A-Class Limousine India Review:



They say, first impression is the last impression and that specially holds true when it comes to cars. The styling of a car is probably one of the biggest selling point, and Mercedes-Benz has got it bang on point. The very first glance on the car makes you realise how well-crafted this machine is. Upfront is a Concave grille, parallel bonnets lines on the hood, and sharp angular headlights, different from other Mercs in the market.

A point here to highlight is that the A-Class Limo holds the World record for lowest coefficient of drag standing at 0.22, which means it has a sleek overall profile both for better aerodynamics and design wise. The side is very C-class inspired with no stand out element while the rear gets an integrated spoiler, tri arrow lights and dual chrome exhaust tips. All in all, Mercedes-Benz A-Class Limo has a nice and crisp design with very few body lines as the overall profile speaks for itself.

Mercedes-Benz A-Class Limousine side profile. (Image: Arjit Garg/News18.com)


Now the first thing you notice as soon as you step inside the cabin of A class limo is this massive connected screen, a first of its kind in India. There’s a fully digital 10.25-inch instrument cluster here and a 10.25-inch touchscreen infotainment system with MBUX in the middle and also Gets Alexa and Google Home connectivity. Making it all futuristic and stuff.

Not just the screen, but Mercedes has managed to squeeze in a lot of tasteful design elements all throughout the cabin. Right from the circular turbine inspired triple AC vents in the central console, a neat AC button console and a touchpad with hand rest, all adds to a unique and posh touch to the cabin. The model we drove, had a multi layered cabin with light beige upholstery, wood finished panel running on dash and doors, greyish upper dashboard paneling and gloss black paneling on central tunnel.

Mercedes-Benz A-Class Limousine cabin. (Image: Arjit Garg/News18.com)

Design aside, the A Limo is loaded to brim with features which includes wireless charging, sunroof, front electric seats with memory function, ambient lighting with 64 colours among others. The system itself gets Mercedes-Benz connect with OTA updates. The touchpad has a haptic feedback. What I missed here is the temperature control for rear passengers and sun blinds.

Now to address the elephant in the room, how limousine is this limousine. In my personal opinion, the legroom is better than competitors, but is still not that great for someone who’s looking for a chauffeur driven car. The scooped out front seats liberates some space, but you need some time adjusting your foot, especially with a big floor hump. Otherwise, the practicality is top notch with multiple storage spaces. The boot is also deep and wide at 395-litre. The petrol one gets a few extra litres.

Mercedes-Benz A-Class Limousine rear seats. (Image: Arjit Garg/News18.com)


In a world where luxury automakers are reluctant to offer a wide engine choices to buyers from the beginning, Mercedes-Benz is offering a full stack with the A-Class Limo. There’s a 1.3-litre petrol, 2.0-litre diesel and an 2.0-litre AMG engine as well. The one we drove for our review is the 200d diesel with 150 HP and 320 NM of output and is mated to an 8-speed gearbox. And most importantly, it gets a claimed mileage of 21.35 kmpl.

Just to give you an idea of the rest of the powertrain options, the petrol unit produces 163 HP and 250 NM of torque with 7 speed gearbox and the AMG unit produces 306 HP and 400 NM of torque and has a 7 speed gearbox. It’s a front wheel drive car with an overall smooth ride quality. The diesel engine we drove was amply powerful and had enough torque for you to overtake traffic every now and then.

Mercedes-Benz A-Class Limousine touchpad. (Image: Arjit Garg/News18.com)

The 8speed gearbox complements the engine well enough not to stretch it to the limits and gives you a refined, relaxed driving experience. The steering wheel is tuned mostly fine, however I found it a tad on the lighter side, which is extremely good for city driving. NVH levels are controlled and only while accelerating hard you feel engine noise creeping in. Suspension, on the other hand, absorbs most of the bumps and is on the softer side for a luxury ride experience.


Safety wise, Mercedes-Benz gets 7-airbags, 7th one being a knee airbag, an Active brake assist with 3 functional levels, ABS with EBD among others. I missed the blind spot indicator in the new A-Class Limo. Interestingly Mercedes is now offering 8 years unlimited km warranty with the sedan, highest in India, to ease the ownership cost.

Mercedes-Benz A-Class Limousine rear profile. (Image: Arjit Garg/News18.com)


The Mercedes-Benz A-Class Limousine borrows the best from the rest of the Mercs. The looks are as good as CLS, has features of S-Class, space of C-Class and will be priced a bit North of CLA, making it an entry level sedan with all the bells and whistles. Should you buy one? Well yes, if are looking for a sedan with all these qualities, low cost of ownership and of course the Mercedes-Benz brand name. And no, if you still believe SUVs are better suited for your driving needs.

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