Mumbai Police Issues e-Challan to Actor Kunal Khemu for Riding Sportsbike Without Helmet

Kunal Khemu on his motorcycle. (Image: <a href=Kunal Khemu Instagram)" title="Kunal Khemu on his motorcycle. (Image: Kunal Khemu Instagram)" />

Kunal Khemu on his motorcycle. (Image: Kunal Khemu Instagram)

Mumbai Police issued an e-Challan to actor Kunal Khemu who posted an apology on Twitter for riding a sportsbike without helmet.

Arjit Garg
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Mumbai Police is leading India by example as far as road safety is concerned. Popular on social media websites like Twitter, Mobile Police time and again releases creative campaigns to promote road safety. Something of this similar sort happened recently when Mumbai Police and actor Kunal Khemu exchanged some tweets, gaining a lot of traction in the social media.

It all started when Kunal Khemu posted an image on Twitter showing him riding Ducati Monster sportsbike without helmet. The actor apologized for breaking the law and wrote – “I have seen this picture out there and honestly it’s very embarrassing given I love bikes and ride regularly and always with a helmet and some more gear but whether it’s a long ride or just next door a helmet should always be worn. Apologies I don’t want to set the wrong example!"

Within an hour of his tweet, Mumbai Police, on a complaint from Tweeter user, replied Kunal back saying – “You love bikes, we love every citizen’s safety. And we wish a regret could avert mishaps! Hope next time the realisation won’t be an afterthought! An e-challan has been dispatched.”

Kunal Khemu accepted the punishment and replied “Agreed and accepted”, setting a good example for the public. In November 2017, actor Varun Dhawan also received an e-Challan for flouting traffic rules.

Traffic police from across the country has to learn from the Mumbai Police and let go the VIP favorism, pretty much evident in our country.

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