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New Batman Batmobile Revealed, Is it Good Enough for Bruce Wayne?

The new Batmobile. (Image source: Twitter/ <a href="https://twitter.com/mattreevesLA/status/1235261421425958912">Matt Reeves</a>)

The new Batmobile. (Image source: Twitter/ Matt Reeves)

We are not sure if the gigantic engine in the new Batmobile will serve the one purpose Batman is famous for - stealth.

The DC comic fraternity and its cult following were divided when Robert Pattinson bagged the role of the new Batman in its upcoming standalone movie. The division continued a couple of times as Matt Reeves continued to reveal bits and pieces of the movie in the months following. And the latest piece of the puzzle needs no introduction. It’s the Batmobile.

Since it was already hinted that the upcoming Batman movie will be set in the past, the new car more or less seems to fit the purpose. But that’s not how we recall the ideal Batmobile to be… right? Traceback the several iterations of the car that was used by many actors portraying the world’s greatest detective, and a single common thread running through each of them was the quirkiness. So, when Matt Reeves tweeted three photos of the upcoming Batmobile, we were a little less than impressed. Again, looks might be subjective and this might please a lot of the fans out there. But a roaring V12 was never the Batmobile’s pièce de résistance. If you haven’t guessed till now, it was the stealth, the faint sound of the turbine spooling, while he reaches the crime spot before the aged Ford Crown Victorias reached.

Now, Robert Pattinson might not live up to the original comic imagination of the Batman that literally tears his Batsuit mid-combat because he’s so well-built. But, it seems like Matt Reeves compensated the same by opting for a Batmobile that’s all muscle. The car gets flared wheel arches that converge sharply at the back. There are vertically stacked taillights that sit between a gigantic exposed engine. The same is also supported with roll cages that are fitted at the back. Rest of the car is still a mystery and we hope we get to know more about it in the near future. The movie will hit the theatres on June 25, 2021.