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New Royal Enfield Riding Jackets Launched in India at Rs 4,950; Here's All You Need to Know About Them

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Last Updated: October 28, 2020, 11:01 IST

Royal Enfield Sanders riding jacket. (Photo: Royal Enfield)

Royal Enfield Sanders riding jacket. (Photo: Royal Enfield)

The new range of riding jackets by Royal Enfield includes 5 jackets, all of which are CE Certified with Class A protection under Personal Protective Equipment regulations.

Royal Enfield has announced the launch of an all-new line-up of CE certified riding jackets for riders based on multiple riding needs and for different weather conditions and terrains. We take an in-depth look at what these jackets offer and which condition are they meant for, to help you choose the right one for you.

The range includes 5 jackets, all of which are CE Certified with Class A protection under Personal Protective Equipment regulations. In addition to being CE certified the jackets carry armours from D30 and KNOX. These armours also carry CE level one and level two armour certifications.

As per the company, this range of riding jackets have been thoroughly tested for abrasion resistance, impact protection, ergonomics, tear strength, seam strength, innocuousness and dimension stability.

Most of the riding gears that are being sold for their protective qualities only have their armours CE certified, instead of the entire garment being certified under CE. There is a misconception that CE certified armours and CE certified jackets are the same things. It is important to understand that CE certified armours only certified for impact protection whereas a garment to be CE certified has to additionally undergo numerous other tests.

To aid the rider in selecting the right riding jacket. Royal Enfield has created an interactive page on their website, where a user can filter out jackets based on the weather conditions, riding needs or protection levels they desire. The user can also compare the different jackets and decide which one works best for them. The collection can be purchased from Royal Enfield’s official online store and at all the Royal Enfield dealerships across the country. Additionally, the jackets can also be purchased from Amazon and select Central and Shopper Stop outlets.

Puneet Sood, Head – Apparel Business, Royal Enfield said, ” This new range of CE certified riding jackets complies with global safety norms, is affordable, easily accessible and is designed to meet the diverse needs of riders. It is poised to enhance confidence amongst the riders thereby encouraging them to take their spirit of exploration to a whole new level.”

The collection has been segregated into 3 tiers based on the riding needs:

The City Riding collection is designed to perform in the summer sun. It starts at Rs 4950 and comes equipped with Knox CE level 1 flexi form and micro-lock armours. Using only the lightest, airy polyester mesh, it is meant to keep the riders cool and dry in hot riding conditions. The range consists of two variants – Streetwind V2 and Windfarer.

The Streetwind V2 jacket comes in a variety of finishes, including black, red, grey, brown, olive. The Windfarer comes in two colours – olive, black and also comes with an integrated thermal liner with a water resistant coating.

The Highway Touring line is fit for adventure trails. The jackets start at Rs 8950 and are all CE certified under class A.

The range contains three variants – Explorer V3, Stormraider and Sanders. These have the Knox Micro-Lock CE Level 2 protectors at shoulders and elbow. It is a three-layer all season riding jacket with a detachable thermal liner along with a rain layer that can be worn separately. Stormraider is a single layer jacket with D3O CE level 1 armours and has a waterproof outer shell, the jacket is perfect for those who want to avoid carrying multiple weather protection layers. Sanders on the other hand is the only CE certified 100% cotton jacket in the range with D3O, making it extremely light and comfortable without compromising on safety at all. Sanders also comes with a rain layer that can be worn separately.

The Explorer V3 jacket is available in two colours- grey, black, whereas the Stormraider and Sanders come in a single shade each – grey and brown, respectively.

The flagship line of high-altitude, all terrain riding jackets are crafted to perform everywhere at the highest level. The range starts at Rs 12,950 and ensures superior shock absorption with D3O armours. The range has two variants – Khardung La V2 and Narvik.

The Khardung La V2 comes loaded with D3O level 2 armours at elbow and shoulders whereas Nirvik in addition to level 2 armours at shoulder and elbow, also has level 2 armours on the chest and D3O level 1 armour at the back.

The Nirvik range comes in two classic colour options – black and brown and the Khardung La V2 jacket is available in grey and olive colour.

To sum it all up, here is the complete list of the new riding jackets launched by Royal Enfield along with their prices –

City/short Rides Range:
– Streetwind V2 priced at Rs 4,950
– Windfarer priced at Rs 6,950

Highway Touring Range:
– Explorer V3 priced at Rs 8,950
– Stormraider priced at Rs 9,950
– Sanders priced at Rs 11,950

High Altitude/All-terrain Range:
– Khardung La V2 priced at Rs 12,950
– Nirvik priced at Rs 14,950

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