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Only Hurdle Stopping EVs to Go Mainstream is Lack of Charging Infrastructure: Komaki - Interview

By: Arjit Garg


Last Updated: June 08, 2021, 18:19 IST

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From initial investment to maintenance to operation costs, electric vehicles are more affordable in every sense, says Gunjan Malhotra, Director, Komaki Electric Vehicle Division.

As India enters an era of Electric Vehicles, more and more homegrown EV players are entering the scene offering technologically sound, yet value-for-money products. KLB Komaki, a company making Bearings and Driveshafts since 1987, entered the EV business in 2016 and since then established a dealership network with 200 dealers. We got in touch with Gunjan Malhotra, Director, Komaki Electric Vehicle Division to understand what new they are offering in India and how do they see the EV revolution in India. Here’s our conversation-

[q]Tell us about the Komaki’s journey into the EV sector[/q]

[ans]Komaki is one of India’s fastest growing Electric Vehicle manufacturers, based in Delhi. KLB KOMAKI PVT LTD has been a trusted name in the Bearings and Driveshaft Business since 1987, and it was in the year 2016 that the organization decided to venture into the Electric Vehicle business. We observed that the people were becoming more conscious about the environmental issues, and they were looking for an efficient alternative to fossil fuel-based vehicles.

Since we already had leverage in the market, we thought it was time to step up to the challenge. Over the years, KOMAKI has cemented itself as one of the most reliable and well-equipped manufacturers of Electric Vehicles, offering the best services at nominal prices.[/ans]

[q]What products are you offering in the country?[/q]

[ans]We are offering a range of 14 models in electric scooters with 3 high-speed registration models and a range of 3 passenger electric rickshaws. All our vehicles are designed keeping in mind that they should be safe, trendy, comfortable, lightweight, and easy to charge. Besides what we have on the streets, there are plenty more models in the pipeline that will offer better range and power. At Komaki, we always intend to deliver the best to our customers, and we’re committed to improving ourselves to ensure that our customers get the bang for their buck.[/ans]

[q]How has been the response and so far?[/q]

[ans]We’ve received a phenomenal response from the Indian market ever since our inception and the demand has been climbing steadily as well. We’ve grown tremendously, selling 2100 scooters just in April 2021. Observing this increase in demand, we’ve recently rolled out our online booking feature that will allow customers from all over India. The customers will be contacted by their nearest dealership that will give them their vehicle. [/ans]

[q]Tell us about your business model[/q]

[ans]Our dealership stores are all offline, but we’ve recently launched an online booking feature that will make the entire process more convenient for the customers across India.[/ans]

[q]What are your expansion plans in India and abroad?[/q]

[ans]Komaki has presently more than 200 dealerships across India. We are planning to open showrooms in all parts of country and making our vehicle accessible to all customers with every budget. Komaki is shortly going to enter in Nepal, Bangladesh, and African countries.[/ans]

[q]What’s your understanding of the Indian EV market?[/q]

[ans]I believe the Indian EV market has a lot of growth potential, now more than ever when people have become eco-conscious and crude oil prices are skyrocketing. From initial investment to maintenance to operation costs, electric vehicles are more affordable in every sense.[/ans]

[q]Biggest challenges you are facing in India[/q]

[ans]The only hurdle for the EVs was the lack of charging infrastructure in the country, but several states are now actively working towards solving this issue. The Delhi Government, for instance, has announced that it will install 10,000 charging stations by December 2021. If the project comes to fruition, it will encourage a lot of people to purchase electric vehicles and contribute to a cleaner, greener India. Komaki is also working towards eliminating the problem of charging infrastructure by creating new battery technology providing a range of 220 kms.[/ans]

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first published:June 08, 2021, 18:19 IST
last updated:June 08, 2021, 18:19 IST