Question on Tesla Autopilot as Model 3 Crashes Into a Truck at 110 Kmph on Highway - Watch Video

Tesla Accident. (Image source:  CNA News)

Tesla Accident. (Image source: CNA News)

The incident happened a few months after the NHTSA had found Tesla at fault for not giving enough autopilot safeguards after a deadly crash.

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A shocking video that has surfaced on the internet shows a Tesla 3 model car ramming into a side flipped truck.

According to a report published in Auto Blog, the incident took place at Taiwan’s National Freeway 1. The Tesla 3 driver has not been injured seriously.

What comes as a shock in this incident is the reason behind the Tesla 3 driver not applying the brakes even after seeing a fairly huge obstacle in the daylight.

The report cited, “The police said that the driver of the Tesla electric vehicle, Huang, claimed to have the vehicle assist system turned on, and the speed was fixed at 110 kilometres per hour. He thought that the car itself would detect the obstacle and automatically brake, but he was surprised that the car did not slow down.”

From the statement of the police officer, one can assume that the driver was most likely using the adaptive cruise control or some kind of autopilot driving assistance technology.

This is not the first time that there have been reports around Tesla’s autopilot system. A few months ago, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration had found Tesla at fault for not giving enough autopilot safeguards after a deadly crash.

Another shocking revelation from this incident is the alleged malfunction of the airbags. A person who has shared videos from the different angles of the crash has also put a picture in which he has mentioned that no airbag was visible.

“All that and not a single airbag in the car appears to have gone off. That should be the bigger story here,” the person wrote.

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