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RFC International Rainforest Trophy's Second Edition Announced

RFC International Forest Trophy has been announced. (Photo: RFC International)

RFC International Forest Trophy has been announced. (Photo: RFC International)

The extreme off-road adventure expedition will be held from 13th July to 20th July in the tropical rainforests of Malaysia.

Malaysia’s RFC International, the organizers of the iconic Rainforest Challenge of Malaysia, has launched the second edition of their off-road adventure expedition – the Rainforest Trophy (RFT) – to be held from 13th July to 20th July 2018.

RFT is an expedition where the participating adventurers use teamwork to traverse the entire route of RFT 2018 travelling day and/or night in a close convoy. The event follows the motto of ‘One for all and all for one’ where everyone gets out of the jungle together. This event brings out the best in off-roading endurance skills among the participants who are united in their love for the great outdoors.

A still from the first edition of the RFC International Forest Trophy. (Photo: RFC International)

RFT 2018 will start with a vehicle inspection and event presentation on 13th July, followed by the expedition flag-off in Kuala Lumpur on 14th July. From 15th July to 19th July, the expedition will traverse through abandoned logging trails in some of the most spectacular rainforests and countryside of peninsular Malaysia. The expedition will involve some incredible ‘getting down to earth tasks’ with teammates along the route and at designated campsites. The event will conclude with the ceremonial finish and a non-competitive awards presentation on 20th July.

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RFT 2018 expedition will be held under the guidance of Luis J.A. Wee, the Founder of RFC International. Luis is an internationally celebrated name in the offroad fraternity and is well-respected for launching the Rainforest Challenge (RFC) in 1997, which is today counted among the top 10 toughest motor races in the World. Under the leadership of Luis, RFC Global events have grown to a massive 51 editions, held across 21 countries worldwide, including India. RFT is the second property that he has launched with the intent of offering a non-racing, fun and challenging travel experience to offroaders and adventure enthusiasts.

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Indian nationals, who are interested in being a part of RFT 2018, can bring their own 4x4s in the expedition or rent local 4x4s from Malaysia. A regular group at RFT comprises of 3 vehicles (each having a driver and a co-driver). In case a participant doesn’t have the required numbers, he/she is can join in any of the individual overseas/local entries to form a group. Touring entries are also acceptable in case a participant is unable to arrange a 4x4 to drive.