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Royal Enfield Showcases 6 Custom-Made Motorcycles at 2019 EICMA

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Last Updated: November 08, 2019, 10:12 IST

Royal Enfield Showcases 6 Custom-Made Motorcycles at 2019 EICMA

This year, Royal Enfield also showcases the best of its custom builds at EICMA 2019.

At this year's EICMA, Royal Enfield is showcasing motorcycles ranging from the Classic, the iconic Bullet to the new Bullet Trials launched in September 2019, passing through the Twin (Interceptor and Continental GT) launched at EICMA in 2018 and the versatile Himalayan - of which three new colourways - Rock Red, Lake Blue and Gravel grey have been introduced.

This year, Royal Enfield also showcases the best of its custom builds at EICMA 2019. While the Twin Tracker, Nought T GTs, Two smoking barrels and Gallinella are based on the Royal Enfield Twins 650, MJR Roach aptly enhances the versatility of the Himalayan.

Royal Enfield Custom motorcycles at EICMA 2019 are as follows:-

-- Twins FT a flat track style “factory” custom build made in collaboration with Harris Performance. It has a bespoke frame made specifically for Flat Track racing. It is a very exciting investigation into understanding the capabilities of the Royal Enfield Twin motor. The frame is brazed steel tube - an old school technique applied to a thoroughly modern motorcycle. All other chassis parts have been developed specifically for this bike by Harris, including the front forks, and are connected to the track by RSD rims and Dunlop flat track tires. S&S silencers and big bore kit complement the bespoke chassis with proven performance in the flat track arena. The design team at Royal Enfield’s technical centre in the UK helped with getting the all-carbon bodywork designed and made, taking inputs from flat track racers to make a bodywork that looks as good as it works

-- Nought Tea v1.0 - It is a "factory" build - presented at the Bike Shed 2019 event for the first time in the UK. Designed in collaboration with Harris Performance to investigate the possibilities of adding a fairing to the GT 650, it has led to the development of the more track-ready Nought Tea v2.0

-- Nought Tea v2.0 - Picking up where the more style-focused Nought Tea v1.0 left off, 2.0 was designed with the track in mind. Taking the same fairing developed for 1.0 but keeping the frame stock, 2.0 adds finely tuned suspension and a tuned motor. The goal was to see what could be achieved while keeping the stock 650cc capacity, and the result was a 26% power gain and improved handling. Dominated on its first outing at the Bike Shed Festival at Lydden Hill Circuit

-- Two Smoking Barrels (TSB) - Built-in collaboration with Sinroja Motorcycles, TSB participated in the Sultans of Sprint drag racing series. Sinroja has stripped a Continental GT 650 to its absolute minimum and bumped the power with a liquid NOS system and S&S 750cc big bore kit. The results speak for themselves with a 1st place finish at the Wheels and Waves Punks Peak race, a 2nd place finish at the Glemseck 101 Sultans of Sprint race and a 3rd place ranking for the overall Sultans of Sprint season!

-- MJR Roach: Mjr Roach has been inspired by video games and the current crop of post-apocalyptic movies, MJR Roach takes the all-around durability of the Himalayan and kicks it up a notch, with an extended single-sided swingarm, knobby tires and a Garrett TurboCharger

-- Gallinella: Built by BAAK Motocyclette for presentation at Wheels and Waves 2019, Gallinella brings back the elegance of the original "bathtub" style fairing but with a sleek and modern interpretation. Where the originals were heavy feeling, Gallinella plays with the easy accessibility of the Interceptor 650 Twin to make a dynamic work of art. The hand-beaten aluminium rear fairing is complemented with wide bars and impeccable detailing to make a build that is uniquely refined and dynamic.

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