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Smart Batteries Designed for Easy Swapping Will Push Electric Vehicle Sales in India: iPower| Interview

iPower is a maker of lithium-ion batteries in India for 2 and 3-wheelers.

iPower is a maker of lithium-ion batteries in India for 2 and 3-wheelers.

Lithium Ion Battery is the most suitable technology for electric vehicles due to its high energy density, low self-discharge, fast charging and light weight nature.

Announcing the recently launched Vehicle Scrappage Policy at the Gujarat Investor Summit, Nitin Gadkari, Union Minister for Road, Transportation and Highways mentioned that India is slowly becoming a electric vehicle forward nation, especially with the local production of Lithium-Ion batteries. He said that almost 70 percent of the batteries consumed in EVs in India are locally made. One such EV battery maker is IPower. We got in touch with Vikas Aggarwal, Founder and MD, Ipower Batteries Pvt Ltd to understand more about domestic battery operations and the EV boom in the country.

Tell us about Ipower and its business operations

Ipower Batteries Pvt Ltd started operations in 2019 with the objective to manufacture Lithium-Ion batteries and allied products for Electric Vehicle segment in our commitment to provide clean and green solutions for transport. At the very core of the company we are a technology driven company which is based on a simple business model that revolves around the growth of community as a whole.

Our primary goal is to add value to our customer’s business, support him to make him earn more and enable him for personal business growth by fulfilling their needs and providing them with tailor made products while contributing for an ecosystem of greener and renewable energy. Most of our operations are conducted through our manufacturing facility in Kundli, Haryana which is spread over 50,000 sq ft area and also has government IMS certified (ISO 9001-2015, 14001:2015, 45001:2018) facility with an In-house R & D facility as well.


We manufacture Lithium-Ion batteries which is a completely green energy storage solution. We provide tailor made batteries for all OEMs to cater their specific needs. These Lithium-Ion batteries are manufactured using best in class NMC and LFP cells. We have developed an In-house CAN BMS software for providing IoT solutions like advanced tracking, geo-fencing and battery immobilization, remote monitoring & control features.

What auto segments do you cater and why?

We cater to a wide variety of segments in Electric Vehicles including Electric Two-Wheelers, Three-Wheelers, Electric Cycles and L5 Category Vehicles.

Voltage Architectures offered : Ranging from 3.6 to 72V.

Modularity: Swappable and Modular Batteries with Battery Paralleling feature.

Capacity: Pack capacity ranging from 1 kWh to 10 kWh by scaling up in parallel.

Are Li-Ion battery advanced enough for current day EVs?

Yes, in today’s time Lithium Ion Batteries has become the most appropriate solution to provide energy to the present requirement of Electric Vehicles. As with the fast paced changes in Electric Vehicle segments, with the increasing demand of energy in limited space, Lithium Ion Battery is the most suitable technology due to its high energy density, low self-discharge, fast charging and light weight nature.

When are you launching batteries for cars?

In present times, most demand of Electric Vehicles constitute usage of Two-Wheelers and Three-Wheelers in India factoring to about 90% of the EV industry. Presently, Ipower is focused in working on providing energy solutions for these applications to provide a quality product to not only more people so that it contributes to a quick transition from combustion fuel usage to going electric. For the battery used in cars, we are currently at a very nascent stage where we are dedicating our time for research of the same to come up with prototypes and thereafter enter the market.

Tell us about Smart Battery Management

Smart Battery Management is the efficient use of batteries where technology is seamlessly integrated to enable use of smart features in utilizing batteries more efficiently. The batteries by Ipower have some key advanced features like advanced tracking, geo-fencing, remote monitoring, battery immobilization, battery packs with active and passive cooling and control features.

Ipower has been able to create an intelligent swappable battery with heat dissipation modular battery. This Modular battery which can be used for both 2 Wheeler and 3 Wheeler by using in paralleling. A product which is suitable for Indian Energy requirement and Ideal for Battery Swapping and Last Mile Delivery Companies.

How advanced are today’s batteries and Electric Vehicles?

Currently we are in the advent of the age of Electric Vehicle in India and it is expected to become more important in near future. We understand that the era of mass usage of non-renewable fuels for commuting is soon coming to an end, it is time we move towards sustainable forms of energy, and the best way is to go electric. The government itself has undertaken various initiatives to promote electric vehicles in the country.

The country has an ambitious target of becoming an EV nation by 2030. In the process toward mass adoption of electric vehicles in the country, the government has also announced many schemes and incentives like FAME policy. Therefore, the growth in the Indian EV market is expected to have a direct impact on the growth of lithium-ion battery market in the country and thereby driving the market.

Ipower is already dealing with eco-friendly battery solutions for electric vehicles. With a similar vision, Ipower batteries are working to create promising results and products in swapping battery solutions. Ipower is providing Smart Batteries and allied solutions to empower Electric Mobility sector in India. Becoming a part of bigger ecosystem to promote a pollution-free future with electric vehicles.

On the way to become a part of a model of providing Battery as a Service with Swapping Station partners. Ipower will be providing Smart Batteries which are designed for easy swap feature customized for Swapping Stations.

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first published:August 16, 2021, 09:30 IST