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Studds Shifter D4 Decor Helmet Review: Not Just About the Loud Graphics

Studds Shifter D4 Decor (Image courtesy: Anirudh Sunilkumar/

Studds Shifter D4 Decor (Image courtesy: Anirudh Sunilkumar/

The Studds Shifter D4 Decor makes up for a helmet that is loaded with vital features, but does the low-cost compromise any other aspect of it?

In the last decade, India has been a booming market for the automotive industry. Our country is indubitably one of the largest arenas for two-wheelers in the world. And this subsequently has given a lot of ground for safety apparel companies to grow. Leading the torch at the forefront in the Indian helmets market is Studds. Over the past few years, the company has grown its product lineup exponentially and are now foraying into a slightly premium segment. We got the taste of the same after we got one of its top ranging helmets to review, the Shifter D4 Décor.

Studds Shifter F4 Decor (Image courtesy: Anirudh Sunilkumar/


The Studds Shifter D4 Décor is one of the most quirky-looking helmets out there. Out of the 5 colour options that one can choose from, we decided to get the Matt Black N6 White paint scheme. While looks are completely subjective, we thought that the graphics were a bit too loud. The colour that we chose could be considered as the most subtle one, with the rest coming in the form of Orange, Yellow, Red and Blue.

Studds Shifter D4 Decor (Image courtesy: Anirudh Sunilkumar/

Build Quality and Design

The shape of the shell is quite sporty, but we thought that the helmet could have shed a few grams, considering that it began to strain my neck after an hour of riding. The helmet comes with 5 air vents in total out of which 4 are functional. The operations of these vents, however, made us question the quality of material as it felt tacky to operate. One of the vents on the front even came off accidentally when I tried to open it. The air vents do a pretty good job in keeping the interior free of humidity. But this came at the cost of a lot of noise. If you are someone who enjoys sweet whistling notes on their ride, this helmet would not disappoint you.

Studds Shifter D4 Decor (Image courtesy: Anirudh Sunilkumar/

The helmet comes with a sun-visor that can be installed if and when you like it. However, it took us plenty of time to figure out how to put it in place. Nonetheless, the sun-visor worked pretty well and is quite a wise addition in its respective price range. Speaking of features, the helmet also comes with a nose wind guard that is absent in most competitor helmets in the same price range. The visor is easy to be removed and put back on but it was the padding that turned out to be troublesome to put it back on.

Studds Shifter D4 Decor (Image courtesy: Anirudh Sunilkumar/

The inner padding comes in suave material that adds to the comfort, but this also means that the material could get dirty comparatively faster than the traditional cloth material. The helmet gets a quick-release chin strap that has a good feel to operate.

Studds Shifter D4 Decor (Image courtesy: Anirudh Sunilkumar/


Apart from its weight which could be bothersome over long rides, the Shifter D4 Décor’s padding is more than adequate and is snug enough to provide good protection. At double-digit speeds, the D4 manages to cut the wind with no buffeting. However, a bit past that, you can feel the pull, forcing you to tilt your head downwards. This might not be a deal-breaker as the helmet is primarily intended for commuting where one would rarely cross these speeds.


To sum it up, at Rs 2165, the Studds Shifter D4 Décor is an option worth considering because of its comfort and features like an additional sun-visor on the inside. In the aforementioned price, the helmet offers hypoallergic liner, silicon-coated dual visor and UV resistant paint. Most of these things are not yet offered by its competitors in the same price range.