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Suzuki Jimny Tackles Off-Road Like a Boss, Reminiscent of Maruti Gypsy and Jeep – Watch Video

Suzuki Jimny goes off-road. (Image Courtesy: YouTube/<a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gvNy3wVfO5I" target="_blank">Jimny Indonesia</a>)

Suzuki Jimny goes off-road. (Image Courtesy: YouTube/Jimny Indonesia)

The Suzuki Jimny has been recorded tackling challenging off-road obstacles where it shows its capabilities which has had so many excited all over the world.

The Suzuki Jimny has to be one of the most talked about cars of this year because of the fun factor it promises being a compact SUV which can go off-road. Till now, though, the perception of it being capable off-roader was based on the specifications that the Jimny comes with but now, the mini-SUV has been recorded tackling a set of challenging off-road obstacles, and by the looks of it, the Jimny is indeed not afraid of playing in the dirt. However, it cannot be denied that one of the reasons as to why it has been talked about so much in India is because it, in a way, is the successor to the iconic Maruti Gypsy. That’s not it, the Suzuki Jimny also has a resemblance to the Jeep thanks to the butch yet compact design of the car.

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The Suzuki Jimny for Japan comes with a 660cc, three-cylinder petrol engine, while the Jimny Sierra has a larger engine. Both these engines get either a 5-speed manual or a 4-speed automatic gearbox as an option. As for the price, the Jimny starts at JPY 1,458,000 (Rs 9.02 lakh) for the base model called the Jimny XG and going up to JPY 2,019,600 (Rs 12.49 lakh) for the top-end Jimny Sierra JC variant. For those wondering, the Sierra version is the more muscular version of the regular Jimny.

While the regular Jimny will be available in XG, XL, and XC variants, the Jimny Sierra is available in two variants - JL and JC.

The car has been officially revealed for the European market and while there has been no official confirmation of the car making its way to India, it is expected to be launched in the coming years.

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