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Tamil Nadu's Electric Vehicle Policy Makes It An Attractive Hub: Ather Energy

Ather Energy (Image for Representation)

Ather Energy (Image for Representation)

Tamil Nadu government's policies to remove road tax, provide subsidies and duty waivers, make the State an attractive hub for electric vehicle manufacturers.

Ather Energy Co-Founder and CEO Tarun Mehta, on September 17, hailed the electric vehicle policy announced by the Tamil Nadu government, saying it would make the state an attractive hub for manufacturing EVs. "Tamil Nadu's electric vehicle policy has taken into account the entire EV ecosystem and is extremely comprehensive. Removing the road tax for end consumers will have a positive impact on the adoption rate of EVs in the state", he said in a release here.

The refunding of the state GST along with the plethora of other OEM (original equipment manufacturers) focused incentives make the state an attractive hub for the manufacturing, he said. The only aspect that requires more support was the charging infrastructure, he said, adding as the policy itself mentioned the area was a critical part of the ecosystem and needs to be addressed. "Fiscal support in the form of subsidies in the sector will go a long way to make Tamil Nadu a hub for electric vehicles", he said.

Greaves Cotton Ltd that owns Coimbatore-based Ampere Electrical Vehicles welcomed the policy announced on electric vehicles and said it was a great initiative. "With this, we inch a step closer to the dream of pollution-free, affordable electric vehicle mobility in the last mile. This will also open up a good avenue for e-commerce and shared mobility segment", the company said in a statement.

Seeking to promote electric vehicles, the Tamil Nadu government on September 16, had announced its policy for the sector offering a slew of sops, including investment subsidy and waiver of various taxes and duties.